Android 11 Beta: this is how you can get started with the first beta version

Google has officially announced Android 11 Beta and in this article, we explain how to get started with the new features.

Android 11 Beta

After four developer previews, Google accidentally rolled out the first beta version of Android 11 at the beginning of this month. This beta software has now been officially announced and the first phones can start using it. Google has indicated that the Pixel 2 (XL), Pixel 3 (XL) and Pixel 3a (XL) and Pixel 4 (XL) can join the beta program and other phones will follow in the coming weeks.

> All about the new features in the first install Android 11 Beta

OPPO has already announced to XDA that the OPPO Find X2  and OPPO Find X2 Pro will be added to the beta program sometime in June. That means that the owners of this phone can also test the new Android 11. As more phones are added to the beta program, we’ll update this article.

Participate in the Android 11 beta program

Android 11 Beta is intended for developers so they can make their apps and games suitable for this new Android version. This means that this Android version is officially not intended for users and that it can cause many stability problems. Google recommends that you check the latest known Pixel issues beforehand before signing up for the Android beta.

Now that that’s said, those who do have a guess can sign up for Android 11 Beta. That is very simple because you can register via this page. That is only possible if you have a suitable phone that you have activated on your Google account.

Which of you has already installed the Android 11 Beta? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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