Intel vs Apple M1: The old and new Mac chip compared

Goodbye Intel and welcome M1. Apple has taken the first step towards an Intel-less existence and equips the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini with a homemade chip. In this Intel vs Apple M1 comparison, we put the two chips against each other.

Intel vs Apple M1: Comparison between the old and new Mac chip

The first step towards an Apple without Intel has been taken. During the One More Thing event, the Cupertino company showed three new Macs without an Intel chip. Instead, the computers are powered by M1, Apple’s first homemade ARM chip.

For now, however, the company will continue to sell Macs with Intel chips, which the company has worked with for years. However, the differences between the two are huge. In this Intel vs Apple M1 comparison, we, therefore, put the old and new Mac chip against each other, so that you can make an informed choice.Intel vs Apple M1

1. More powerful

The new Macs with M1 chip are initially a lot more powerful than their predecessors. The specific speed gains vary by model, but both the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini are faster than their predecessors.

Take the latter. The new Mac mini is up to 60 per cent faster than the previous Intel-chip model, which came out in 2018, according to Apple. It does not stop there, because the graphics performance of the Macs with M1 chip is also improving considerably. This makes programs run smoother and also the execution of heavy processes, such as exporting videos, is smoother.Intel vs Apple M1 Chip

This progress is due to the way the M1 chip was created. All computer components, such as a graphics processor and neural engine, are soldered on one chip. In jargon, we call this a System on a Chip, also known as SoC. For example, Apple’s iPhone 12 series also has an SoC: the A14 chip.

2. Longer battery life

Also not unimportant: battery life. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1 chip last considerably longer than their predecessors. In fact, Apple itself claims that the brand new Pro has the longest battery life of all Macs ever. You could watch movies continuously for up to 20 hours before the laptop goes out. The new MacBook Air can last up to 18 hours.

3. App support

With the M1 chip, Apple is actually setting one of its most important projects in the pipeline: the realization of one Apple ecosystem in which your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and other products work seamlessly together.

An important step in this is to align the underlying technology that controls the devices, and M1 will take care of that. Thanks to this chip, you can, for example, run iPhone and iPad apps on your Mac.Intel vs Apple M1 comparison

However, that’s not the whole story. App developers have to prepare their programs for the M1 chip, otherwise, it will not work. All of Apple’s own apps were created with the arrival of the new Silicon chip in mind, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to third-party developers.

It remains to be seen how many Mac apps will soon work immediately and without problems on the new M1 chip. For example, we know that major apps like YouTube, Google Drive, Disney Plus and WhatsApp will (initially) not be available in the new Mac App Store. This advantage of M1 cannot be used optimally for the time being.

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