iOS 14 gets privacy labels: that’s how apps handle your data

Anyone who installs an iPhone app later this year can see exactly what data that app collects and how this information is used to track you. This is what it says in the new App Privacy screens of iOS 14.

iOS 14 has App Privacy screens: this is how apps become more honest about data

The news has been brought out by Apple itself. Starting with iOS 14, the major software update that will be released later this year, app makers must be more transparent about registering user data. On the download page, therefore, a new screen appears in iOS 14: App Privacy.

App makers must enter here which user data they store and what they use that data for. You can also see in App Privacy which data cannot be traced back to you.

In practice, the App Store shows what data an app needs from you so that you can make an informed download decision. This includes your contact list, financial information, your location, internet history or telephone number. The app must also indicate how you will be tracked on the basis of this data via other apps and websites.

The privacy labels in iOS 14 are being announced at an interesting time. Apple is currently in conflict with the ad industry. The iPhone maker will warn users about trackers from iOS 14.

Advertisers use this technique to collect as much personal data as possible from users and then serve up highly targeted advertisements. Facebook, which earns most of its sales through advertising, therefore recently warned that iOS 14 is “disastrous” for advertisers. Partly as a result of this, Apple has moved its ‘anti-tracking policy’ to 2021.

Apple is committed to privacy

Apple has been committed to protecting the privacy of its users for years. For example, every year the company improves the data protection of users through an iOS update. In addition, the company put an advertisement with a telling title on YouTube last week: “Privacy. That’s iPhone. ”

iOS 14 takes the next step in data protection. With the iPhone software update, which will be released later this year, you can, among other things, shield your precise location from apps and hide photos, for example. You can stay informed of the final release date of iOS 14 through.

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