iOS 14 Beta 7 Released: Here are the 3 improvements

The seventh beta of iOS 14 has been released to developers. The definitive version of the iPhone software of 2020 is approaching, so the changes are anything but drastic. This is new in iOS 14 beta 7.

iOS 14 beta 7 available now

The seventh test versions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have now been made available to developers. Everything shows that the final version of the iPhone and iPad software will be released soon as the betas are becoming more stable. In addition, the number of improvements per test version is decreasing. iOS 14 beta 7 is a good example of this: the innovations are anything but drastic.

1. Rainbow wallpapers for dark mode

iOS 14 beta 7 ReleasedStarting with the most eye-catching change: new rainbow wallpapers. These wallpapers only work when using dark mode on your iPhone or iPad. The wallpapers are inspired by the rainbow flag.

2. App library gets a better overview

The layout in the App Library, or App Library, has been overhauled. Categories have been renamed. iOS 14 automatically creates the format based on the apps installed on your iPhone. Facebook and Instagram, for example, end up in the Social folder.

3. Problems with AirPods Pro over

Are you currently running the sixth iOS 14 beta and got an error while pairing your AirPods Pro with your iPhone? That problem has now been solved. In the new beta, you can pair earbuds with your phone as usual.

On to the final release

The final release of iOS 14 is expected to take place sometime in September or October. This version is stable and suitable for use on your iPhone that you use every day. Test versions, as discussed above, can be unstable. Therefore always make an iPhone backup before you start with an iOS beta.

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