iOS 14 introduces QR codes in Gobi ar app

From previous rumors, we know that Apple is working on a new augmented reality app (ar): Gobi. Leaked information about iOS 14 now shows that the app will work with QR codes. AR functions are also added to the Find My app.

Qr codes and other ar functions in iOS 14

The rumor comes from former TechCrunch editor Josh Constine. According to its sources, Apple is coming with colorful QR codes in iOS 14 and the ar app (Gobi) has a partnership with Starbucks. In addition, the Find My app sound and haptic feedback, a short vibration, will help you find out the location of your device.

QR codes

Gobi’s app icon and type of QR codes have also been leaked. The QR codes do not look like you are used to. They are round with shorter and longer colored stripes. In addition, QR codes have been found that opened the Mac Pro and Apple Watch websites, among others.

In addition, the ar app has a shopping function with which you can compare products from the Apple Store and even view them in 3D. For example, the source contained a 3D image of an Apple Watch that you can view and rotate.iOS 14

There also seem to be discounts for Starbucks affiliates worldwide. A mysterious image of an augmented reality pagoda has even been found on a small table. This may indicate that Starbucks customers can, for example, determine their ar decoration while they wait.

Find my app

The Find My app can also expect some AR functions. A short video was found with an Apple retro logo spinning. It also appears from the sources of Constine that the app for finding your Apple devices, for example, plays a sound and makes the device vibrate if you have lost it.

When you are nearby, you hear sounds that your iPhone is, for example, straight ahead. When you deviate from it, you will hear discouraging noises. This way you can find your device faster.

More about iOS 14

The source code of iOS 14 previously leaked, so we learned a lot about the new update that will be released later this year. We already knew that the AR app was going to be used to provide information about the world around you. In addition, an app list would be added to the home screen and a new fitness app is coming.

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