Download iOS updates automatically, but do not install immediately

Do you want to download an iOS update, but would you rather look at the cat first? Then you can choose to download new software, but not install it immediately. That is how it works.

Download and install iOS update

The feature was added in iOS 13.6. It has been possible to download iOS updates automatically for some time, but since then you can indicate whether you want to install this update immediately. This gives you more freedom of choice.

Download iOS update and do/do not install automatically:

  1. Grab your iPhone (with at least iOS 13.6) and open the Settings app;
  2. Tap on ‘General’ and choose ‘Software update’;
  3. Press ‘Apply automatic updates’;
  4. Indicate how you want to control the updating by sliding the switches.

You will see two boxes in this menu. When you activate the top option you give permission to automatically download new iOS updates. You do not have to give permission to download upcoming updates.

The bottom option, ‘Install iOS Updates’, is about the post-download section. By sliding the switch here (so that the box turns green) you give permission to install new updates automatically. This happens in the evening, when your device is hanging on the charger.

Do you want to keep control over whether and when your iPhone downloads the latest iOS updates? Then you better leave both boxes on gray. For example, you can choose this if you prefer not to take a risk. After all, some software updates cause problems for users, such as crashing apps and faster-draining batteries.

By not downloading and / or installing iOS updates automatically, you can prevent this fuss, because you can check whether the new software is completely safe for a few days. If you choose convenience, you set the switch to green for the two options. Overall, iOS updates have been well tested before Apple releases them, so the risk of bugs is low.

More about updates

Apple is constantly releasing new software versions for the iPhone. In our iPhone update overview, you can see exactly which update your phone is running on. The next major update is iOS 14, which will be released this fall. Check the video below for an overview of the main innovations of this version update.

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