iPad 2020: 5 expectations for Apple’s new entry-level tablet

After Apple gave the iPad Pro an update earlier this year, it will be the turn of the ‘regular’ iPad in a few weeks. We expect this from the iPad 2020, Apple’s new entry-level tablet.

iPad 2020 expectations: 5 things we (think we) already know

As it stands, Apple will unveil at least six new products in a few weeks. The main role is reserved for the iPhone 12, which seems to consist of four models. In addition, we expect to see a new Apple Watch and the iPad. In this article, we look ahead to the latter.

1. Design and screen

With its 10.2-inch screen size, the iPad 2019 was a lot bigger than its predecessor. According to rumors, the 2020 model takes this one step further. The iPad 2020 will get a 10.8-inch display, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a generally reliable source.iPad 2020

It is still unclear whether the design will be overhauled or whether it will remain the same. Apple’s cheapest tablet has looked roughly the same for years and has fairly thick bezels on the top and bottom of the screen. A new, more modern design with a larger screen would therefore not be out of place, but it is not certain that this will happen.

2. Processor

Remember the iPhone XR, the Apple entry-level phone of 2018? According to rumors, the iPad 2020 will get the same processor as this device. This means that Apple equips its cheapest tablet of 2020 with an A12 processor. This chip is still fast enough for everyday tasks, but not as fast as the processor of the iPad Pro 2020.

3. Software: iPadOS 14

Last year, the iPad got its own operating system: iPadOS. To avoid confusion, Apple immediately gave this software version number 13. We are now a year further and in a few weeks iOS 14 will be released, and therefore also iPadOS 14.

Where iOS 14 adds some big new functions – such as the ability to place widgets – iPadOS 14 is a modest update. All in all, the new software version is above all more stable, rather than revolutionary. The biggest additions, such as the new translation app, pass by our  noses. Read all about it in the preview below.

4. Unveiling in September

The new iPad will be unveiled in the fall of 2020. When exactly is the question? The company’s plans normally leak early, but 2020 is a strange year for the entire world, including Apple.

We do know for sure that the iPhone 12 series will be in stores ‘a few weeks later’ than usual. This may mean that other products, such as the iPad 2020, are also delayed. Jon Prosser, a well-known name in the Apple world, certainly claims this.5 iPad 2020 expectations

The tech journalist thinks Apple will announce the iPad 2020 (along with the Apple Watch 6 ) in the first week of September 2020 via a press release. The iPhone 12 phones would then be revealed later at a separate event.

This is a somewhat strange turn of events, but it could be. Apple also unveiled the iMac 2020 with a 27-inch screen, for example, via a press release. In the past, the iPad Air 2019 and iPad mini 2019, for example, were also announced this way.

5. Expected iPad 2020 price

All in all, it therefore seems that the iPad 2020 is not going to take any revolutionary steps. Since the tablet has largely the same specifications as its predecessor and is aimed at the same audience, we expect the price tag to remain about the same. That may mean the following for the iPad 2020 price:

  • iPad 2020 with 32GB: 389 euros
  • iPad 2020 with 128GB: 489 euros
  • iPad 2020 with 32GB and mobile internet: 529 euros
  • iPad 2020 with 128GB and mobile internet: 629 euros

Busy fall for Apple

2020 promises to be a packed year for Apple. The company would release not three, but four more phones this year. Until then, we are busy looking ahead on the iPhone . Do you want to stay informed of all developments?

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