iPad Air 2020 concept: new design, Touch ID in lock button and more

The iPad Air 2020 coming out this fall promises to be a big step for the Air, and the iPad that people have been waiting for who found the iPad Pro too expensive. This concept clearly shows why.

iPad Air 2020 concept shows new design

In recent months we have already seen a lot of rumors about the iPad Air 2020 . They all came together in a report from Bloomberg this week, which showed that Apple is about to unveil this tablet.iPad Air 2020 concept shows new design

The new iPad Air introduces a new design that is most reminiscent of the iPad Pro 2018. The tablet gets a full-screen screen without the traditional home button.

As a result, the screen edges become much narrower and the screen size can also grow. To save costs, Apple would not put a pricey Face ID camera in the iPad, but for the first time to integrate a Touch ID fingerprint scanner in a button on the side.

For the first time Touch ID in a different place

It is the first time that an iPhone or iPad has such a Touch ID button. These improvements have been illustrated in the concept of Svetapple in this article. The fingerprint scanner is located in the lock button on the top, so you can wake up and unlock the tablet at the same time.iPad Air 2020

No flash, but USB-C instead of Lightning

Also featured in the iPad Air 2020 concept is the single camera lens on the back without a flash. The previous iPad Air also had to do without a flash, so it is likely that Apple will save some money this way this year as well. At the bottom of the new iPad you can find a USB-C connection, with which you can easily connect the tablet to other accessories.

The iPad Air 2020 is expected to appear in September or October. In addition to a new iPad, we also expect four new iPhones, an Apple Watch and a MacBook. This new iPad will run on iPadOS 14 , in the video below we show you what’s new.

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