‘iPad Air 2020 more than 40 percent faster than predecessor’

The iPad Air 2020 will be in stores soon. Leaked test results show that the new tablet is significantly faster than its predecessor. The difference would amount to more than 40 percent.

‘New iPad Air much faster’

The well-known tasty Ice Universe published test results from someone who says he already has the iPad Air 2020 in his hands. This shows that the device is 42 percent faster than the iPad Air 2019 in single-core tasks and no less than 48 percent faster during multi-core processes. The latter means that you can do more things at the same time on your iPad without it stuttering.

The difference is in the brand new A14 chip, which Apple presented during the keynote in September. At that event we also saw a new regular iPad , the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE.

The A12 in the previous iPad Air is two generations older than the A14 and thus considerably slower. The test results also show that the iPad Air 2020 will get 4GB RAM. The iPad Air 2019 had to make do with 3GB. The iPad Pro 2020 models also stand out a little above. These tablets all have 6GB of RAM.iPad Air 2020

The iPad Air 2020 therefore seems to be a huge upgrade compared to the iPad Air 2019. The device is not only much faster than its predecessor, but also has a brand new design. Due to the thinner screen edges, the iPad Air now resembles the iPad Pro like two drops of water. The display has also grown from 10.5 inches to 10.9 inches. The new Air also has stereo speakers, a USB-C port and Touch ID in the on / off button.

All that beauty comes with a price tag . The entry-level model of the iPad Air 2020 with 64GB of storage space is exactly one hundred euros more expensive than its predecessor at 669 euros.

iPhone 12 is also considerably faster

The A14 processor is also in the new iPhone 12, which Apple will most likely announce this month. Compared to the A13 in the iPhone 11 , the new chip appears to be 20 percent faster in single-core tasks and 28 percent faster in multi-core processes.

Keep an eye out for this, because Apple could use a more powerful variant of the A14 for the iPhone 12. Moreover, the Pro models seem to get more RAM than the iPad Air 2020. How big the difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11 is precise,we have to wait a while.

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