This is how you connect a mouse to your iPad (or iPhone)

iPadOS ensures that the iPad Pro makes the most of the trackpad on its Magic Keyboard, but did you know that it is also very easy to connect a mouse to your iPad? Do you have a computer mouse with extra buttons? Then you can link specific actions to these buttons. Tech largest explains how to do this.

iPadOS Tip: Link Mouse to an iPad (or iPhone)

In our iPadOS review, we crowned the first operating system for the tablet as the best Apple update of 2019. A useful addition is the ability to connect a mouse. That way you make the iPad a lot more productive, especially when you also connect a keyboard. To connect a mouse to your iPad:

  1. Grab your iPad (or iPhone) and open the Settings app;
  2. Go to ‘Accessibility’, choose ‘Touch’ and then ‘AssistiveTouch’;
  3. Slide the switch so that the box turns green;
  4. Scroll down and tap ‘Devices’ under the heading ‘Pointing Devices’;
  5. Choose ‘Bluetooth devices’ and wait for the mouse to be found;
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The option to add a mouse is therefore under the heading ‘Accessibility’. This means that AssistiveTouch remains on your screen. Optionally, you can hide the virtual button by sliding the switch under ‘Always show menu’ in the AssistiveTouch menu so that the box becomes gray.

Connect mouse with wire

When you have linked a mouse, AssistiveTouch remains hidden. As soon as you no longer use the mouse, the virtual button reappears. You can also connect a wired mouse. You may need a connector for this, so that it fits on the USB-C port or lightning input of your iPad or iPhone.How to connect a mouse to an iPad

Do you have an extended computer mouse with multiple buttons? Then you can adjust it in iPadOS and iOS 13 to activate additional options. To do this, go to ‘Devices’ in the AssistiveTouch menu. Then choose the linked mouse and tap on ‘Customize additional buttons’, then press the appropriate mouse button. You can then link this button to other actions, such as opening a menu.

Do you have a mouse or trackpad (whether or not from the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro) and want to tweak it for your device? We teach you how to adjust scrolling speed and more on your iPad with some hidden settings. If you want to use a cursor on your device for the first time, read our comprehensive guide to pairing and operating a mouse on the iPad.

More about iPadOS

Since this year, the iPad has its own operating system: iPadOS. Among other things, you have access to a new home screen, a better and more extensive Files app, multitasking is simpler and the desktop version of Safari also makes the internet more productive. Read more in our iPadOS review.

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