New iPad Pro with mini LED screen may appear in April

It has been rumored for some time that Apple wants to market products with a mini LED screen. Last year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already announced that Apple is testing the new screen technology and there is a good chance that the first copies will appear in 2021.

The iPad Pro is said to be Apple’s first product with a mini LED display, but perhaps only the 12.9-inch model. Initially, the new iPad would appear this month, but according to Bloomberg, Apple will not release two new iPad Pro models until April. The largest model makes the switch to mini LED, the smaller 11-inch iPad may keep its current LCD liquid display.


  • Bloomberg reveals new details
  • Little innovation expected
  • Faster Thunderbolt connection
  • Apple Pencil 3
  • Later an iPad Pro with OLED screen?
  • Questionable choices
  • Differences Mini-LED, OLED and micro-LED
  • Other iPad models
  • iPad Pro 2021: Price and availability

Bloomberg reveals new details

This week, DigiTimes already revealed that the iPad Pro will not be released until April, Bloomberg confirms these rumors. The tech website has released a ‘report’ revealing more details about the iPad Pro. Below we have listed the information extensively.

Little innovation expected

Although Apple has plans to provide the iPad Pro with an update, we should not expect spectacular innovations. For example, the iPad will presumably keep its current design and the same dual-camera system with the LiDAR scanner. Bloomberg writes that the camera has improved, but that is also thanks to software.

Of course, the processor is provided with a boost, so that the iPad will perform even better. It may get an A14X chip that would be on par with the M1 chip in the recently released MacBooks and Mac mini.

Several sources report that probably only the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be equipped with a mini LED screen. The iPad will have a slightly thicker housing than the current model, which is necessary to be able to use the new screen technology at all. The 11-inch iPad Pro retains the same dimensions, suggesting that the screen will not be changed.

Faster Thunderbolt connection

Bloomberg claims that when testing the new iPad Pros, Apple used a Thunderbolt connector, the same port found on the latest M1-chip Macs. The faster port makes it even easier to use external screens, hard drives and peripherals on the iPad. Incidentally, the Thunderbolt port does not require new chargers.

Apple Pencil 3

Images have already been leaked that may show a new Apple Pencil. The photos show an Apple Pencil similar to the current generation that can be magnetically attached to the iPad. The main difference is the appearance. The Pencil 3 may regain a shiny finish, the current one is matte.Apple Pencil 3

Later an iPad Pro with OLED screen?

At the end of last year, The Elec reported that Apple would be preparing to add OLED screens to the iPad Pro. According to their sources, Samsung supplies the screens and they are testing a newer technique to meet Apple’s high standards. This improves the quality of the OLED displays and reduces the risk of burn-in.

The Elec reported that the iPad Pro will be equipped with OLED in the second half of 2021. But this was not the only information they shared, rumors about an iPad with mini LED were also confirmed. According to the newspaper, Apple would release a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED screen in the spring of 2021. The 11-inch iPad would then not be updated. According to their sources, Apple would like to provide the 11-inch iPad Pro with an update including an OLED screen in the second half of 2021.

Questionable choices

If we are to believe the sources of Elec, Apple would like to split up the innovations in the iPad Pro. That is why The Elec keeps this rumor around the arm. According to them, Apple could also delay the addition of OLED if the adoption of mini-LED is a success. There is therefore a chance that both iPad models will be provided with an update in early 2021 and may not switch to OLED until later (2022/2023). Given Bloomberg and various other parties report that both iPad Pros will be provided with an update this spring, it is likely that the OLED iPad will be delayed.

Differences Mini-LED, OLED and micro-LED

The rumor circuit has been talking about new screen technologies for a while, including micro-LED. You have to take into account that mini-LED is not the same as micro-LED. The mini version is an improvement of the current LED displays, micro-LED is a different type of technology that is seen as the successor to OLED ( more info ).

With standard LED screens, the LEDs have a size of 1,000 microns, while mini-LEDs are only 200 microns. In contrast to OLED, the pixels of a mini-LED screen do not emit light on their own. As with a normal LED screen, the lighting takes place behind the pixel. Nevertheless, mini-LED has advantages, the LEDs are controlled via the LCD processor and they can still separately contain colors and information from the image. Because the mini-LEDs are smaller, several fit in the screen and can produce more light.Differences-Mini-LED-OLED-and-micro-LED

Apple would opt for mini-LED for the iPad and MacBook because the colors are almost identical to those of OLED and to prevent burn-in. The contrast is less, but that should not be the culprit in practice. In addition, mini-LED is also lighter and thinner, which in turn is cheaper for the design of the product. In addition, Samsung currently supplies the OLED screens to Apple, by choosing mini-LED, they become less dependent on this company.

Other iPad models

Bloomberg claims Apple will unveil a “thinner and lighter” version of the entry-level iPad later this year. A previous report indicated that the new 9th generation iPad would have the same 10.2-inch display as the 8th generation, but would be significantly thinner and lighter, with the design based on the iPad Air 3.iPad-Pro-2021

Rumors about a new iPad mini are also discussed in the Bloomberg report. This year we can expect a new model with a screen that is larger than the current 7.9-inch screen.

iPad Pro 2021: Price and availability

The new iPad Pro will probably be sold for about the same price as the current generation. Currently, you can buy the 11-inch iPad Pro for € 899 and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for € 1119. According to current rumors, the new iPads will be released in April 2021. Ming-Chi Kuo reports that production may not start until mid to late April.

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