iPad trackpad tip: Adjust scroll speed and more with these hidden settings

Do you have an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard? Then you may have already discovered that you cannot adjust the scrolling speed of the trackpad in the general settings. This and more is possible with the hidden trackpad settings that you can find here.

Adjust trackpad scrolling speed on iPad Pro

The brand new iPad Pro received a lot of positive reactions, largely because of the Magic Keyboard with its good trackpad. Many users have already discovered that you can adjust things like mouse pointer speed, as Tech largest explained in a previous guide. Fewer people know that there are also a number of other settings for the trackpad, with which you can adjust the scroll speed on your iPad.

Here’s how to adjust the scrolling speed of the trackpad on the iPad Pro:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Click on Accessibility;
  • Choose Pointer control (this only appears if your trackpad or mouse is connected to your iPad);
  • Move the bar, called ‘scroll speed’.

iPad trackpad tipThe feature actually speaks for itself and makes you scroll slower or faster using the trackpad. This can be useful for anyone who wants a smoother experience, but also for those who want to enjoy as much speed as possible.

Other pointer settings

You can find even more pointer settings in the same accessibility settings. Under the Pointer Control heading, you have the following options:

  • Increase the pointer contrast
  • Hide the pointer automatically
  • Adjust the color of the pointer
  • Change the pointer size
  • Customize pointer animations
  • Set the trackpad inertia

Have you forgotten how to adjust the general settings of the trackpad on your iPad? This is happier to find a little easier. To do this, go to Settings> General> Trackpad. With this part you have the following options:

  • Adjust the pointer speed with ‘Touch speed’;
  • Enable ‘Natural Scrolling’ for a better scrolling experience;
  • Set single click with ‘Tap to click’
  • Two-finger click for right-click action with ‘Secondary two-finger click’

Are you completely new to the trackpad on the iPad Pro? Then check out this guide where we explain how to pair and control an iPad with a trackpad or mouse. In addition, watch the video below to get the most out of your iPad’s trackpad.

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