Does the iPhone 12 get 5G internet? We know this so far

Will the iPhone 12 get 5G support? And if so, what good is it for us in the Netherlands? In this article, we look ahead to the new iPhones and check which information has already been leaked.

iPhone 12 with 5G: these are the expectations

With a few weeks to go until the official unveiling, it is again the time of year to look ahead to the new iPhones. Apple is expected to release four models in October, including direct successors to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Entirely according to tradition, there is a lot of speculation in the corridors about the functions and possibilities of the new appliances. One of the most persistent rumors of recent years is about possible 5G support.iphone-12-5g review

Until now, it has always remained rumors, because no Apple phone can handle 5G, not even the iPhone SE, which was renewed earlier this year. Yet that could change with the iPhone 12. Worldwide, more and more providers are switching to 5G, including in our country.

Most Dutch providers have now activated the first version of their 5G network, such as recently KPN and T-Mobile. VodafoneZiggo previously switched to the new network standard.

The world is moving to 5G

It is true that the successor to 4G in the Netherlands is still in its infancy. The most important part of 5G, the so-called 3.5GHz frequency, will not be auctioned until 2022. As soon as this ‘band’ has gone under the hammer, providers are allowed to offer the frequency.

The 3.5 GHz frequency is the most important for average consumers, because the speed of mobile internet promises to improve significantly. The Netherlands is not the only country that is gradually switching to the new telecom standard.The worldwide rollout of iPhone 12 5G

More and more areas worldwide are switching to 5G. In the United States, Apple’s home country, the new network has been rolling out since 2018. Other important markets, such as Germany and the United Kingdom, are also slowly but surely switching.

‘iPhone 12 will get 5G…’

It is therefore quite possible that the iPhone 12 series will receive 5G support. The usually reliable Fast Company claimed in February 2020 that Apple wants to make the necessary antenna to receive the signal itself. The Cupertino company would not be satisfied with the copies of Qualcomm, a major player in the world of telephone parts.

The Chinese website DigiTimes, which is not always reliable, added last July that the iPhone 12 would support both 5G technologies: sub-6GHz and mmWave. You may immediately forget these terms, but the bottom line is that the new model will soon be able to connect to the new network everywhere worldwide.

‘…with delay’

Yet there are also sources that doubt the arrival of a 5G iPhone, such as Nikkei Asian Review. The Japanese medium claims that the successor to the iPhone 11 series has been delayed by months due to production problems.

The corona crisis is said to have thrown a spanner in the works. Factories in China, where the virus first broke out, seem to have been delayed in particular. A big laugh for Apple, because the majority of the iPhones are produced there.iPhone 12 5G delay

There is (at least) some truth to this rumor. Apple recently confirmed that the new phones will be available ‘a few weeks later’ than usual. The company did not release any specific data, but it is safe to assume that the iPhone 12 (with possibly 5G) will be in stores from October, and not as usual in September.

There are also sources claiming that Apple will release two versions of the iPhone 12 phones: with or without 5G. The Japanese website Mac Otakara, among others, firmly believes that the new phones will be released in two rounds, in order to avoid production problems.

Should the iPhone 12 get 5G?

The Apple world is as ever divided over the iPhone 12 with 5G support. Assuming that the phones can work with the successor to 4G, it is not very useful in the Netherlands. The speed gain of 5G is limited for the time being, because the previously discussed important 3.5GHz frequency has not yet been turned on.

Smartphones, however, last longer. It’s not uncommon for people to use the same iPhone for four years, for example. It is not without reason that Apple also updates its older phones with new software updates. The iPhone 6S (Plus), a device from 2015, will ‘just’ get the update to iOS 14, the latest software version, later this year.iPhone 12 mini size

It would therefore be nice if the iPhone 12 could handle 5G because this makes the device future-proof. It is true that the average Dutch person now has little use for 5G, but technology is changing rapidly. What now seems unnecessary luxury, people who find 4G “fast enough”, for example, is quickly changing into the standard. After all, that’s how it went with the switch from 3G to 4G.

Maybe, maybe not

In summary, it is very unclear whether the iPhone 12 will receive 5G support. The rumor circuit is running at full speed as ever, but there is little meaningful to say about it.

It would be nice if the new Apple smartphones could handle 5G because the network (in the Netherlands) will be rolled out more widely in the coming years. More and more people are using their iPhone for a few years and then it is nice that you will not have to purchase a newer copy to use 5G.

Preview of the iPhone 12

On techlargest, we look ahead to the new Apple phones in the coming weeks. As said before, it seems that Apple will release four more devices this year. In addition to the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, we also expect the arrival of the iPhone 12 mini, a compact model.

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