‘Apple saves on iPhone 12 battery because of 5G’

The new iPhone can handle 5G, but the sun will rise for nothing. Apple would therefore save on other components, such as the battery of the iPhone 12.

‘Apple saves on the battery of the iPhone 12’

That is what Ming-Chi Kuo claims. According to the usually reliable Apple analyst, the company wants to switch completely to 5G this year. The iPhone 12 could therefore handle both techniques of the 4G successor: sub-6GHz and mmWave.

Thanks to this double support, you will always have good mobile coverage, but there are substantial production costs in return. According to Kuo, it will cost Apple more than $ 75 to release an iPhone 12 with sub-6GHz support. A device with mmWave would cost about $ 125 more.

Save on the battery

In order not to increase the price of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro (too much), Apple is cutting costs for other parts. The first victim is the battery, Kuo said.

According to the analyst, the iPhone 12 will get a simpler battery board with fewer layers and a simpler design. As a result, the costs must drop by about 50 percent compared to the iPhone 11. Whether the battery capacity will deteriorate remains to be seen.Colorful-iphone-12-mini-concept

The real savings will only come in 2021. Kuo expects Apple to switch to a completely redesigned battery next year that would cost only 30 to 40 percent of the price for an iPhone 12 battery.

Finally, the analyst claims that Apple is putting more and more pressure on its parts suppliers. The Cupertino company is trying to enforce lower purchase prices, according to Kuo. He expects, for example, that the next version of the AirPods will be cheaper.

iPhone 12 and 5G

We have been hearing rumors about an iPhone with 5G support for years, but so far it has remained with stories. This year is no different. Apple will soon announce new phones and the rumor is once again rearing up. Whether you should believe these stories, we’ll cover in our review article about the iPhone 12 and 5G.

What is certain is that Apple will soon present new phones. The company has already indicated that they will be available “a few weeks later” than usual this year. Whether the iPhone 12 will ‘just’ be unveiled in September is still the question. Keep an eye on the iPhone to make sure you don’t miss anything and in the meantime, watch the video below in which we share our iPhone 12 expectations with you.

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