(G) a charger and earplugs: this is what we expect from the iPhone 12 packaging

No adapter and earplugs, but a firmer charging cable. 2020 looks set to be a big year for iPhone accessories. This will probably (not) be in the box of the iPhone 12 box expectations.

Expectations: This is (not) in the box of the iPhone 12

Apple is not averse to riots. For example, the company received tons of criticism when it released the iPhone X in 2017, the first Apple smartphone with the oh-so-hated notch.

A year earlier it was also hit when the company released the first version of the AirPods. In the meantime, the wireless earbuds cannot be ignored from the street scene, but at the time they were mainly made fun of.Expectations iPhone 12

This year it is time for the next riot. Or at least, it seems that way. Apple would make some controversial choices regarding the included accessories of the iPhone 12 . We expect that the manufacturer will not put a charger and earplugs in the box, but will provide a firmer charging cable.

1. No charger

Starting with the first point. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known name in the Apple world, the iPhone 12 will be delivered without a charger in the box. From our investigation into the reliability of Apple rumors, Kuo came out as one of the most reliable sources, so he may be right this time too.

The Apple analyst thinks the company is dropping the charger for two reasons. First, Apple wants to become more environmentally friendly, he says. After all, the mountain of electronic waste is still growing and Apple wants to do something about it as an ideological company.

An obvious solution is to include fewer accessories with the iPhone 12 . Years of iPhone users will most likely already have a good charger at home, and do not necessarily need a new one.iphone-12-box-expectation

In addition, Apple simply saves money with this controversial decision. After all, the company has to produce fewer peripherals. Moreover, the box of the iPhone 12 can be made smaller, which in turn saves transport costs.

2. No EarPods

It doesn’t stop there. Kuo also expects EarPods to be omitted. Apple would therefore also supply the iPhone 12 without earplugs. According to the insider, the company has a less idealistic motive for this: money.

Apple would like to stimulate the sale of the AirPods by not putting earplugs in the iPhone 12 box as standard. This argument sounds less logical to us because AirPods have been one of Apple’s most successful products for years. The earplugs therefore absolutely do not need a ‘helping hand’.

3. Firmer charging cable

All in all, it seems to be a sad story in terms of accessories for the iPhone 12. As a compensation, the company would put a stronger charging cable in the package. It breaks less quickly than current cables.

At least, that’s what the usually reliable source claims L0vetodream, an anonymous Twitter account that regularly makes accurate predictions about unannounced Apple products.

The iPhone 12 cable is made of ‘braided’ material, according to the account. This layer protects the cable against external influences, making it last longer than cables of lesser quality. Incidentally, Apple would not switch to USB-C: the Twitterer thinks that the iPhone 12 will ‘just’ get a Lightning port.

4. SIM card pin and booklet

Finally, there is likely a small manual in the iPhone 12 box. This quick start guide explains, for example, how to turn the device on / off. We also expect that there is a pin in the thin book to remove the SIM card slot from the housing of the iPhone 12.

Stay informed

It is certain that the iPhone 12 is coming, but when it will be released is the big question for the time being. Apple recently announced that the device has been delayed by “a few weeks”. The iPhone 12 will therefore be in stores at the earliest mid-October. It is still unclear whether the official presentation will ‘just’ take place in September.

A lot has already been leaked about the successor to the iPhone 11. Apple seems to release four more devices this year. In addition to the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, a new model would be introduced this year: the iPhone 12 mini.

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