iPhone 12 design rumors: the new design in pictures

We now already know a lot about what to expect from the iPhone 12. The many rumors mean we know what the new iPhone will look like. These are our expectations of the design.

iPhone 12 design: our expectations

It won’t be long until Apple finally unveils the new iPhone 12. The launch has officially been delayed by a few weeks, but we can probably finally admire the new devices in October.

If we are to believe the rumors, it concerns more devices than ever: A new smaller iPhone 12 mini, the regular iPhone 12, more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, and the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max.iPhone 12 design

Until the unveiling, it will of course continue to speculate, but we can state based on rumors what the device is expected to look like. These are our expectations of the iPhone 12 design.

Angular design

Rumors have been flying around for a long time that the current iPhone design will be overhauled. The rounded corners and edges make way for an angular design. The iPhone 12 series would thus be more like the design of the iPad Pro 2020.

Several dummies of the iPhone 12 show the possible design. The new design is actually not very new: we already saw the angular edges with the iPhone 4. It seems that Apple is going back to the angular design of the smartphone from 2010. In addition to an angular housing, you can have a flat-screen and sharply cut edges. expect.

Three cameras with LiDAR depth sensor

The amount of camera lenses remains the same as with the iPhone 11 series. On the back, you will find a double camera lens with an iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, just like we are used to with the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are expected to get a triple camera. A special LiDAR depth sensor is added here, which the iPad Pro 2020 also got. This is used to create an accurate picture of the environment, which is very useful in augmented reality.

Smaller notch

Good news for people who are not fans of the notch. Although the notch does not disappear (yet), it seems that Apple is reducing the notch in the new iPhone. The notch is still necessary for the selfie and Face ID camera, but Apple has been able to make it more efficient.iPhone 12 design rumors

That way, the lenses need less space in the screen, which means that the notch can also be somewhat smaller. Whether that means that the notch will be thinner or less wide is still unclear. In any case, it will likely become less of an eyesore for most Apple users.

More screen sizes than before

On the basis of dummies, we can conclude that the iPhone will be released in three sizes. The smallest device is the iPhone 12 mini and will have a 5.4-inch screen. That is a lot smaller than we are used to from the high-end devices from Apple. The iPhone 12 mini is even slightly smaller than the iPhone SE 2020.

Furthermore, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will have a 6.1-inch screen. The iPhone 12 is therefore exactly the same size as the current iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 Pro is 0.3 inches larger than its predecessor. The largest device is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With a 6.7-inch screen, this one is 0.2 inches larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Not much is known about the colors of the iPhone 12 yet. We think Apple will stick to roughly the same color options as with the iPhone 11. If that’s right, the iPhone 12 series will come in about six colors: yellow, green, purple, white, red, and black.

Yet a rumor also appeared that the iPhone 12 Pro will be available in navy blue. This would replace the midnight green version of the iPhone 11 Pro. It is to be expected that it will be a colorful assortment, but which colors it will be exactly remains exciting.

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