iPhone 12: 8 expectations for Apple’s new top device

With just over a month to go, the image we have of the iPhone 12 is getting clearer. These are our expectations for Apple’s new smartphone this year.

iPhone 12 expectations

As it stands, the iPhone 12 appears in four different models. The iPhone 12, a smaller iPhone 12 mini, the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro and even larger iPhone 12 Pro Max. We focus on the regular model: these are our iPhone 12 expectations.iPhone 12

1. A new design

The most striking adjustment that Apple is making this year has to do with the iPhone 12 design. After a few years of using the iPhone X design, the iPhone is now switching to a device with a familiar face. Apple would like to blend the design of the iPhone 4 with that of the iPhone X.

That makes for a smartphone that looks a bit like the most recent iPad Pro: harder edges and a somewhat more rectangular design. The device would still get a glass back so that it supports wireless charging. It is not yet clear in which colors the iPhone 12 will appear, but we again expect a wide choice of bright colors – as was the case last year.

2. The same price as the iPhone 11

The iPhone 12 appeals to the same target group as the iPhone 11 last year. The improvements that Apple is making also seem to have little impact on the price, except for the screen (see also point 4). That is why we expect the following prices depending on the storage capacity:

  • iPhone 12 64GB: 809 euros
  • iPhone 12 128GB: 859 euros
  • iPhone 12 256GB: 979 eurosCamera double lens without LiDAR

3. Camera: double lens without LiDAR

Apple took major steps in the camera field last year: the iPhone 11 received a wide-angle lens and also supports night mode. The iPhone 12 is therefore expected to continue mainly on the same footing.

All innovations from last year are (of course) present, supplemented with an improved autofocus. This should ensure that the camera takes less time to optimally adjust the settings. The LiDAR scanner that would be present on the iPhone 12 Pro is not present on the cheaper iPhone 12.

4. Finally: OLED instead of LCD

An important improvement of the iPhone 12 compared to its predecessor is the screen. For the first time, the mid-range model from Apple will be equipped with an OLED display. This better screen type was previously only available for the Pro variants.

OLED is more energy-efficient, has nicer colors and deeper blacks. In addition, the OLED screen panel is bendable, so the screen edges of the iPhone 12 will probably be a lot thinner than that of the iPhone 11. So on every front a visible improvement.

5. Yes or no 5G in the Netherlands?

It remains a strange story: does the iPhone 12 get support for 5G in the Netherlands or not? As it stands, both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro would come with 5G support.

In the Netherlands, this is not of much use to us, because it will take years before we have a stable 5G network throughout the country. Still, it is nice if iPhones support standard 5G from this autumn. Then you can be sure that your device is future-proof when you purchase it.

6. Runs on A14 chip and iOS 14

The iPhone 12 is equipped with the new A14 chip from Apple and runs iOS 14 as standard. The A-series chips are made by Apple themselves and have set the standard in mobile performance for years.

Every year Apple is at the absolute top in terms of performance and that will be no different this year. The A14 chip also focuses on energy efficiency, so that it also contributes to longer battery life.No charger or earplugs included

7. No charger or earplugs included

If you have followed the news about the new iPhone, you probably will have noticed that Apple wants to put less stuff in the box. This is expected to be the first time that a new iPhone will be delivered without a charger and without earplugs.

As a make-up, Apple would add an extra sturdy Lightning to USB-C cable, a big improvement over the fragile cables that you now get. In the opinion below, we explain why this change does not have to be bad, as long as Apple does it well.

8. Unveiled in September, available soon thereafter

Despite the corona crisis and possible delay, the iPhone 12 will simply be unveiled during an Apple event in September. There we will also see the three other models and the new Apple Watch Series 6.

After the event, it will probably not be long before the pre-order starts and the first copies will be delivered a week later. We expect the unveiling at the end of September, after which you can hold the device in your hands in late September or early October.

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