iPhone 12 gets faster Face ID, better zoom and longer battery life

With just over a day to go until the iPhone 12 event, the latest rumors are pouring in. We list the new information iPhone 12 gets faster Face ID.

‘iPhone 12 Face ID faster than ever’

The latest rumor comes from Max Weinbach, a household name in the Apple rumor circuit. He says most of the information on the four iPhone 12 models have been on the street since last Friday. Then a list of iPhone 12 specs surfaced via the Chinese network Weibo.

But it doesn’t stop there. Weinbach shares some additional information about Apple’s upcoming smartphones via his Twitter account ‘PineLeaks’. First of all, the Face ID camera would improve. Thanks to a new algorithm called ‘Dynamic Zoning’, the camera would take less time to recognize and scan your face.

We don’t have to count on a smaller notch: only the iPhone 12 mini would have a smaller notch in the screen due to the smaller 5.4-inch screen. Apple would have achieved this by packing the Face ID components ‘closer’ to each other. This ties in with leaked photos of the iPhone 12 mini display that leaked in July and indeed showed a somewhat narrower notch.iPhone 12 Face ID

As far as the camera is concerned, Apple would mainly focus on improving the zoom function. With the dual camera lens, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini should mainly rely on improved digital zoom, according to Weinbach.

By adjusting the software in such a way, less quality is lost when zooming in. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max can also zoom better optically than their predecessors. The Pro models would also take up to 35 percent better photos in the dark than before.

Finally, something about the battery life: the two Pro iPhones would last an hour longer on a single battery charge compared to the 11 Pro versions. The iPhone 12 mini, on the other hand, would have a shorter battery life than the iPhone 11 due to the compact size of the device.

Watch the iPhone 12 event live tomorrow

Whether Weinbach (and all other rumors) are right, we get to see on Tuesday evening. At 19:00 hours Dutch time start the Apple event live stream of the 12 iPhone event. On the iPhone, we are of course in the starting blocks to provide you with all the news. You can even follow the live stream from our iPhone app, so you can continue to watch the event picture-in-picture while you read our articles.

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