iPhone 12 first impression: the new standard is more Pro than ever

The iPhone 12 will be available in the Netherlands from Friday, but Techlargest could already get started with the new device. Read our first impression here.

First impression: the iPhone 12

A new design, support for 5G, a much nicer screen and better camera system: the iPhone of 2020 clearly had enough in the house for Apple to skip the iPhone 11S. According to Apple, the iPhone 12 is the start of ‘a new chapter’ for the company.first impression iPhone 12

Packaging: smaller and emptier than ever

In any case, that new chapter has a controversial beginning: even before you turn on the iPhone 12, you come across Apple’s most controversial decision of the year. From now on, iPhones will be delivered without an adapter or a set of EarPods in the box. You only get a charging cable, Apple sticker and legal info in a small booklet.

The idea behind this is that most people who buy an iPhone already have a charger at home, and this mass production of adapters mainly causes environmental pollution. The advantage is that the included cable is a USB-C to Lightning cable. So if you have a laptop with a USB-C port or a USB adapter from another device, you can use it to charge the iPhone 12. Of course, your old Lightning chargers will also work.

A new design

If we leave the packaging for what it is, the new design immediately stands out. The iPhone 12 looks beautiful: the device introduces a new design that is still recognizable to iPhone veterans. The days of rounded edges are over and Apple is returning to a squarer design, with harder edges and a flatter design.iphone 12 review

That results in an iPhone that is thinner than its predecessor, feels better in the hand and (in our opinion) looks a lot nicer.

By going back to the design of the iPhone 5 and new iPad Pros, Apple has once again acquired a smartphone design that cannot be compared with any competitor. At least until the first shameless copy rears its head.

OLED screen is giant leap forward

An important reason for this impressive design is the new screen. The iPhone 12 is the first ‘entry-level iPhone’ that is equipped with an OLED display and you can see that immediately. The LCD display that the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 had to do with is a thing of the past: the iPhone 12 now has (almost) as good a screen as the Pro models.iphone 12 review

That is clearly visible: the Super Retina XDR OLED screen from Apple has a wider color reproduction, deeper blacks and higher contrast. An additional advantage is that OLED screens have panels that are more flexible. As a result, the screen edges of the iPhone 12 are a lot narrower than those of the iPhone 11. The new display thus benefits the entire design of the iPhone 12.

5G and MagSafe

Two improvements in the iPhone 12 that you don’t immediately see are support for 5G and the introduction of MagSafe. All iPhone 12 models support 5G, the new standard for mobile internet that is not yet widely available in the Netherlands. That makes 5G support especially a nice function to have in the future. In the coming years, 5G will become the new standard and it is nice if your smartphone can already use this.

MagSafe is immediately usable: this new magnetic connection makes a whole series of new accessories possible. By putting a magnet and NFC chip in the back of the iPhone, you can magnetically ‘stick’ it to accessories that have a similar magnet.iphone 12 review3

Apple has already released some cases that support the magnet and a special MagSafe charger. This charger clicks into an optimal place to optimize the wireless charging speed. In addition, the 15 Watt MagSafe charger is the fastest wireless charger you can buy for an iPhone. You can count on more MagSafe accessories from other brands to follow soon.

Camera: the front camera has not been forgotten

The iPhone 12 has the same camera layout as last year, but Apple has not been idle in this area either. On the back, we see two 12-megapixel lenses: a primary camera and a wide-angle lens. With the wide-angle lens you can zoom out extra far; ideal for group photos and landscapes.

These cameras are taken to a higher level, mainly through software. With Night Mode, the device takes better photos in the dark, Deep Fusion is now available on all cameras to improve details and texture, and Smart HDR automatically composes the ultimate photo.

The good news for selfie fans is that this Night Mode and Deep Fusion is now also available for the front camera. As a result, you don’t even need a flash to take a selfie in the dark that is well exposed.

Battery, specs and more: time to test!

To be able to say something about the battery life and A14 chip on which the iPhone 12 runs, we will have to test the device longer. Next week you can read our definitive iPhone 12 review in which we take a detailed look at the battery life and the ways in which Apple seems to set a new standard with its A14 processor.Conclusion iPhone 12 first impression

Conclusion iPhone 12 first impression

Although this is only a first impression, we understand why Apple skipped the name ‘iPhone 11S’. The new design is a clear step forward and especially the new screen brings the iPhone 12 closer to the Pro models than ever. We will be working hard to test the device in the coming week. So keep an eye on Techlargest for our final review and a video review.

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