iPhone 12 mini: 8 expectations for the brand new compact iPhone

A fourth iPhone will be released for the first time in September: the smaller iPhone 12 mini. But despite the compact size, this is a device not to be underestimated. These are our expectations for the iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 mini expectations

With September insight, it’s high time to take stock: what do we expect from the four iPhones that Apple will reveal? We have now listed our iPhone 12 expectations and iPhone 12 Pro expectations. Perhaps the most interesting model follows the compact iPhone 12 mini.iPhone 12 mini 8 expectations

1. New design and compact size

Like the three other iPhones coming out this fall, the iPhone 12 introduces a new design. This can best be seen as a mix between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 4. With harder edges and therefore a more rectangular design, the device looks a bit like the most recent iPad Pros.

As an additional difference, the iPhone 12 mini is a lot more compact than we are used to from Apple’s high-end devices. With a screen of 5.4 inches, this is the very first small iPhone with a front-filling display. People who were disappointed with the iPhone SE 2020 from the outdated design: this seems to be the iPhone you’ve really been waiting for.

2. 5.4 inch OLED screen

As said, the iPhone 12 mini is a lot smaller than we are used to. The device has a 5.4-inch display, which covers the entire front of the device, except for a notch. A big difference with the 5.8-inch screen that the iPhone 11 Pro now has, which makes the device easier to operate with one hand, for example.

Like the three other iPhone 12 models, the mini is equipped with an OLED display, which also makes it a lot better in that area than the iPhone SE 2020. As far as compact iPhones are concerned, the 12 mini is clearly better than the SE 2020. , but we will undoubtedly see that in the price.iphone 12 mini

3. Double camera lens

The triple camera lens that the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max introduce will remain exclusive to the Pro models in 2020. That means that the iPhone 12 has to work with the iPhone 12 mini with a dual camera lens. Just like last year, an ultra-wide-angle lens has been added, which allows you to capture a much larger area.

In addition, the camera will support Night mode, which allows you to take much better photos in the dark. The autofocus would also have been greatly improved, so that the device takes less time to focus on what you want to photograph.

4. Price: cheaper than iPhone 12

Because this is the first time that Apple has released such a compact high-end smartphone, we also do not have a price for previous devices to make an estimate. What is already certain is that the iPhone 12 mini is a lot more expensive than the iPhone SE 2020.

With the older design, single camera, and 4.7-inch display, that device clearly targets a target group that is mainly looking for the lowest price. The iPhone 12 mini will focus on the people who have a lot of money for a smartphone, but are simply looking for a powerful but handy model.

We, therefore, expect a price that will be slightly below that of the iPhone 12. Like the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, we expect a price difference of around a hundred euros. That would mean the following:

  • iPhone 12 mini 64GB: 709 euros
  • iPhone 12 mini 128GB: 759 euros
  • iPhone 12 mini 256GB: 879 euros

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5. Support for 5G

The iPhone 12 series will be the first to support 5G. However, rumors about the details vary widely. On the one hand, there are sources that say Apple makes two versions of the iPhones: one with and one without 5G support.

These would also come out at other times, with the 5G models postponed to November due to the corona crisis. However, the chance of an iPhone 12 mini with 5G support is high.

In the Netherlands, this is of little use to us, because the country does not have 5G coverage for a long time. However, that makes the smartphone future-proof for the time that this is the case.

6. Runs on A14 chip and iOS 14

The A14 chip and iOS 14 are perhaps the most important parts of the iPhone 12 mini. The A-series chips are made and developed by Apple itself, so that they connect seamlessly to the software and hardware. For years, this has ensured that these chips are the best in the field of speed, power, and efficiency time and time again.

iOS 14 also promises to be a nice update with the introduction of widgets and improvements to popular apps such as Music and Photos. We have now extensively tested the beta of iOS 14. Read our experiences in the preview below.No charger or earplugs in the box

7. No charger or earplugs in the box

Expect a storm on social media if this rumor turns out to be correct. For the first time, Apple would no longer bundle the new iPhone with a free charger and set of Lightning-EarPods. These accessories disappear from the box and make way for a firmer Lightning to USB-C cable.

Apple would do this to cut costs, increase demand for AirPods, and for environmental reasons. Still, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as long as Apple does it right. In the opinion below we explain how.

8. Unveiled in September

Despite the corona pandemic and delays that come with it, Apple is expected to unveil the four 2020 iPhones in September. This traditionally happens with a special event. Normally you can pre-order the iPhone the same week, after which the first copies will be delivered the following week.

However, several rumors say that Apple is still experiencing some delay. It is therefore possible that the iPhone 12 mini will only be available in early October or November. So wait a while, but we will keep you informed about this.

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