iPhone 12 users are complaining about network and battery problems

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have been available for several weeks now, and Apple’s latest smartphone is generally welcomed with open arms. However, there is an ever-growing group that has complaints. For example, the iPhone 12 (Pro) would suffer from various network and battery problems.

Several users report problems with the mobile network, switching between cell towers does not always go smoothly. In addition, some iPhone 12 users experience battery problems. This will empty even when things such as WiFi and Bluetooth are switched off and the device is in standby mode. The battery problems are not exclusive to the iPhone 12 (Pro) devices, other iOS 14 devices also suffer from this.

iPhone 12 (Pro) network problems

Online complaints are piling up about the internet connection of the iPhone 12 (Pro). When switching between the different cell towers, the iPhone may lose the connection to the network and this is not automatically restored. You will then have to manually restore the network connection by, for example, switching aeroplane mode on and off or by reselecting your provider.

The problem occurs with both a 4G and a 5G connection. A cause does not seem to have been found yet, let alone a solution. The Restoring the network settings may help. In addition, it is advisable to manually choose a network via Settings ▸ Mobile network ▸ (select your mobile subscription) ▸ Network selection. Although for some it may just be a solution to arrange this automatically.

iOS 14 is causing battery problems

It is quite normal that the battery of a new iPhone is not optimal in the first weeks. A battery needs a processing time and in the beginning, you usually use the device more often to test all new things. Since we are now a few weeks later, more and more iPhone 12 users are starting to complain about battery life. This would decrease drastically, even when the device is not in use.iPhone 12 network battery problems

Via Settings ▸ Battery you can view the history of the battery. iPhone 12 users are now reporting a noticeable problem, battery life is rapidly decreasing, even when in standby and not in use. The bar charts show a decreasing trend, while ‘Activity’ does not register anything. The battery life also decreases when Wi-Fi, network and background activity is off.

Still, these battery issues don’t seem to be exclusive to the iPhone 12 (Pro). Other devices with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 also experience this behaviour. I too recognize this problem, not for my iPhone 12 Pro TechHandset, but for my 11-inch iPad Pro from 2018.

Reaction Apple

Apple has not yet responded to these complaints. Hopefully, this is a software bug so Apple can fix it with an iOS update.

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