iPhone 12 (Pro) Beginner’s Guide: Transfer Data, Best Features and Apps to Install

Are you going to get started with the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro? Then check out our beginner’s guide to get the most out of your new device.

iPhone 12 (Pro) beginner’s guide

Although Apple makes it very accessible to get started with a new iPhone, there are also plenty of things that the company does not say. That’s where Techlargest comes in. In this beginner’s guide, we list everything you need to know as a brand new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro owner.

iPhone 12 (Pro) beginner’s guide

  • Transfer data (securely)
  • The most important new functions at a glance
  • The best apps for your new iPhone

This is how you transfer data (safely and quickly)

Let’s start with the basics: if you take the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro out of the box, it’s time to transfer data first. Whether you have an iPhone or are switching from an Android phone, you can get started with a few steps.

We explain exactly how this works step by step in the tips below. From syncing your SIM contacts to securely transferring your files and transferring an Apple Watch from one iPhone to another.

  • Import SIM contacts on your iPhone: this is how you do it
  • Guide: How to transfer an Apple Watch to a new iPhone or other Watch
  • Bought a new iPhone? This way you transfer all data securelyiPhone 12 vs 12 mini

The most important innovations per iPhone

What exactly is new to you depends on the smartphone you are switching from. To make that clear, we look at what is actually new with regard to iPhone 12 functions for each iPhone.

iPhone 6S (Plus) and iPhone 6 (Plus): If you have an iPhone 6S or older, the iPhone 12 (Pro) is completely new in all areas. From the full-screen new design to wireless charging, Face ID and a much faster chip. We recommend trying out the camera immediately because the iPhone 12 makes a huge step forward with both the camera on the back and the front.

iPhone SE: Although the design of the iPhone 12 is reminiscent of that of the SE, everything else is different. From Face ID to the new A14 chip and the much-improved camera. It will take some getting used to the larger size, although Apple is also releasing a smaller iPhone with the iPhone 12 mini.iPhone 12 color options

iPhone 7 (Plus): Just like the iPhone 6, the step forward is huge when you switch from an iPhone 6S. Touch ID makes way for Face ID, which is more secure and easier to use. With the camera’s Night mode, whole new things become possible, taking photos of your 7 look hopelessly outdated in one fell swoop.

iPhone 8 (Plus): In 2020, the iPhone 8 is still fine to use, can be charged wirelessly, but it now looks a bit outdated. With the new design and front-filling screen, the iPhone 12 feels completely new in every way.

The camera also makes new things possible thanks to the extra wide-angle lens, and with the Night mode, the photos you take in the dark are visibly improved. Without you having to do anything yourself.

iPhone X and iPhone XS (Max): Although with an iPhone X and XS you are already familiar with the full screen, Face ID and wireless charging, there is still a lot of new to discover. Of course, the design has been adjusted, but especially the camera is a lot better with the arrival of Night mode. The wide-angle lens also provides new possibilities. Are you switching to the iPhone 12 Pro? Then augmented reality apps work a lot better thanks to the LiDAR scanner.

iPhone XR and iPhone 11 (Pro): The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 still had an LCD screen, but the iPhone 12 now also has a beautiful OLED display. This ensures narrower screen edges and visibly better image quality. In addition, the cameras have been further improved, with support for Night mode on the front cameras, for example. And of course, the iPhone 12 models are the first to support 5G, although this is currently not very useful in the Netherlands.

5 apps to get the most out of your new device

Do you really want to get the most out of your iPhone 12 (Pro)? Then there are a number of apps that you can install directly to test specific functions or show them to others. These 4 are indispensable in our opinion.

1. Halide

The ultimate photography app is completely ready for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro since yesterday. The app supports Apple ProRAW and makes it even easier to shoot beautiful photos in RAW quality. Although the app is full of options, Halide manages to keep it clear and accessible. A must for anyone who wants to get started with the new iPhone camera.

2. The Last Campfire

With every iPhone 12 (Pro) you get three months of free Apple Arcade, Apple’s gaming service. Are you looking for a game to test the graphics quality of your iPhone? Then we recommend The Last Campfire. This beautiful adventure game is not only fun to play, but also looks great.

3. Asphalt 9

Don’t feel like Apple Arcade or would you rather play a racing game? Then Asphalt 9 is certainly the one that clearly shows what the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are capable of in terms of graphics. Tear across realistic courses as if you were playing a console game in the palm of your hand. The fact that Asphalt 9 can be downloaded and played for free is a nice extra.

4. Authy

If you have secured your accounts with two-step verification and use an authentication app for that, you will in many cases have to transfer these codes manually. Quite a hassle, but if you do this right now with the Authy app, it will immediately be the last time.

This widely acclaimed authentication app supports iCloud, so the codes will simply be transferred if you switch to another iPhone in the future. Thank you in advance on behalf of your future self.

5. The iPhone app

In the ‘shameless self-promotion’ category, our free iPhone app is packed every day with news, tips, reviews of the best apps and everything you need to know to get the most out of your Apple devices. In the coming weeks, you will of course read all the tips you need to get off to a flying start with your new device.

Check out our iPhone 12 first impression

Techlargest was able to get started with the iPhone 12 a little earlier. We have listed our first experiences for you in an extensive first impression. From the design to the new camera and the greatly improved screen: we have already briefly put everything to the test. Of course, we are also very curious about your first experiences with your new iPhone!

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