iPhone 12 Pro: 6 expectations for the best iPhone of 2020

Soon it will be unveiled: the iPhone 12 Pro. In this article, we list our expectations for the best iPhone of 2020.

iPhone 12 Pro: 6 expectations

The successor to the iPhone 11 Pro will be unveiled soon. In the run-up to this presentation, rumors about the new top device come out almost every day. In this overview we collect the most credible messages. These are our iPhone 12 Pro expectations.

1. Design goes back to basics

New Apple phones have been looking pretty much the same for years. This is expected to change with the 2020 iPhones. According to rumors, the iPhone 12 Pro (and ‘normal’ iPhone 12 ) will have a design that harks back to the iPhone 4. So get ready for an angular housing, flat screen, and metal frame.iPhone 12 Pro

Not only is there a breath of fresh air through the design, but the iPhone 12 Pro would also have a larger screen than its predecessor. Renowned Apple connoisseur Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro will get a 6.1-inch screen. For comparison, the current Pro iPhone has a 5.8-inch display.

Whether the iPhone 12 Pro is also larger in size is still the question. It is obvious that Apple knows how to reduce the screen edges, so that the display can be arranged more efficiently. This improves the ratio between screen and housing. Several rumors say that Apple has managed to reduce the notch, for example.

2. ProMotion screen makes the switch

Speaking of that screen, according to YouTube channel EveryThingApplePro, the iPad Pro ‘s ProMotion screen is making the switch to the iPhone this year. This technique gives the screen a refresh rate of 120 frames per second, twice the current 60 frames per second.best iPhone of 2020

The ProMotion display delivers smoother and faster animations, because the 12 Pro has more frames to transform the images on the screen. You will notice this especially when scrolling through menus and showing animations.

3. Camera: LiDAR makes iPhone debut

2019 was a big year for the iPhone camera. It, therefore, seems that the changes will be less revolutionary this year. Multiple insiders think the iPhone 12 Pro will have three rear cameras just like its predecessor. Apple would like to add a new sensor: LiDAR.

However, this sensor is not completely new. The 2020 iPad Pro also has such a LiDAR scanner on board. You use it for estimating distances and depths. LiDAR thus opens the door to augmented reality (AR). The most famous example of AR is Pokémon GO, the popular game from 2016.The patent in which the LiDAR sensor appears

4. iPhone 12 Pro gets A14 processor

Rumors are rumors for a reason: they don’t have to be right. However, it is almost certain that the new generation of iPhones will be equipped with the successor of the A13 chip, the processor that currently supplies the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with power.

In recent years, Apple has focused on making chips more powerful and energy-efficient, so we will most likely see that in the performance of the A14. Furthermore, it is certain that the iPhone 12 Pro will run on iOS 14, the major iPhone software update of 2020. Currently, you can already try the test version, but the final version will roll out later this year for everyone who currently has iOS 13 on her / his iPhone is running.

5. 5G and chargers?

There has been talk of an iPhone with 5G for years, but so far Apple phones can only handle 4G. However, the rumor mill is running at full speed and in 2020 the iPhone would finally get 5G support. And even if this persistent rumor turns out to be correct, it is of little use to us. The entire Dutch 5G network will take years to arrive.iPhone 12 Pro 5G and chargers

The following rumor just did not pass in previous years. According to multiple insiders, including Apple analyst Kuo, the iPhone 12 (Pro) comes without a charger and EarPods in the box. Apple would choose to do something about the ever-increasing mountain of e-waste on the one hand, and to sell more AirPods on the other.

6. Price

Finally, a not unimportant question: what will the price of the iPhone 12 Pro be? Since the changes compared to the iPhone 11 Pro do not seem very big and the device appeals to about the same target group, we expect it to cost about the same. This means the following for the iPhone 12 Pro price:

  • iPhone 12 Pro with 64GB for 1159 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro with 256GB for 1329 euros
  • iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB for 1559 euros

Stay informed

The iPhone 12 Pro will be announced at a special event this fall. The iPhoned editors follow all the news closely. Stay informed of the new iPhone (s) via our app , newsletter or keep an eye on the site. In the meantime, watch the video below, in which we consider all new iPhones of 2020.

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