iPhone 12 Pro first impression: even more focused on the pro user

The iPhone 12 Pro is targeting an even more specific audience as it looks more like the iPhone 12 than ever. We are going to work with the latest Pro in this first impression.

First impression: getting started with the iPhone 12 Pro

Earlier you read the first impression of the iPhone 12 on Techlargest, now we will continue with testing the iPhone 12 Pro. Also, read our preview of the iPhone 12 for a complete picture of the two iPhone 12 models available now.Apple iPhone 12 Pro first impressions

No charger or earplugs

The more expensive iPhone 12 Pro also has to do without accessories in the packaging from now on. The (extra small) box now only contains a charging cable, Apple sticker and Lightning-to-USB-C cable. Apple wants to combat environmental pollution, arguing that most people already have an iPhone charger anyway.

Design: modern and classic at the same time

The design of the iPhone 12 Pro can be compared well with that of the iPhone 12. Both devices introduce a new design that is reminiscent of the iPhone 5 but with a front-filling display and Face ID.

That is good news because the device feels nicer in the hand and has become just a bit thinner. Moreover, the angular design is a lot nicer than the rounder design of the iPhone 11, although that is of course purely personal preference.iphone 12 pro review

The only external difference can be seen in the edge that surrounds the device. The iPhone 12 Pro has a stainless steel frame, while the iPhone 12 has a cheaper aluminum edge. This ensures that the edge of the 12 Pro is much shinier and that of the regular 12 has a matte finish. Personally, I think the iPhone 12 looks better because of this: the shiny frame of the 12 Pro is a magnet for fingerprints that are extra visible.

On the back, the iPhone 12 Pro has a matte finish, in contrast to the glossy back of the iPhone 12. The Apple logo is, therefore, less garish and the contrast with the camera module looks a bit nicer on the Pro. For example, despite the almost identical design, Apple has managed to make the more expensive Pro look a bit more premium.

Closer to the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 Pro is closer to the iPhone 12 than ever: the devices now both have a Super Retina XDR OLED screen, something that was only reserved for the more expensive Pro models until now. The two iPhones even have an identical 6.1-inch size.

As a result, the differences have become a lot smaller. In addition to the more premium design, the iPhone 12 Pro has a screen with slightly higher brightness, but you will find the biggest difference when we look at the camera. For example, we kept the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro next to each other, but we could hardly see a difference in terms of the screen.iPhone 12 Pro Camera

Camera: Dolby Vision and more

The iPhone 12 Pro is (just like last year) equipped with a triple camera. A wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens. The telephoto lens is the only one that the regular iPhone 12 does not have. This allows optical zooming so that you can get a closer image without losing quality.

In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro is a real powerhouse when it comes to video recording. It is the first smartphone camera that can record in Dolby Vision so that you can take beautiful HDR images. This ensures extra vibrant colors. These videos come into their own when you watch them on an iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, or share them with an Apple TV 4K.

In the first test photos we took, you immediately notice how realistic the use of color is preserved. Different shades of the same color are also kept neatly apart so that a true-to-life image is created that also shows subtle details.

LiDAR: a godsend for AR and photography

The iPhone camera is assisted from the 12 Pro by a LiDAR scanner, a new sensor that we know from the iPad Pro 2020 that appeared earlier this year. This new sensor measures the distance from the camera to an object or person. This allows the camera to better estimate how far someone or something is away and adjust the settings accordingly.iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR

This ensures, among other things, better photos that you take with the portrait function and a higher quality of snapshots that rely on the night mode. In addition, thanks to the new sensor, autofocusing is a lot faster.

In addition, LiDAR is primarily a solution for everything that has to do with augmented reality. With the scanner, your iPhone makes a digital three-dimensional map of a room, so that digital objects can be used much more credibly. Moreover, AR apps work much faster thanks to this sensor: without first moving your iPhone back and forth, the 12 Pro has mapped your room and you can, for example, measure up to the centimeter with the Measure app.

MagSafe: Apple’s invisible enhancement

A nice new feature is MagSafe: a magnetic connection that is incorporated in the back of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. Here you can connect special MagSafe accessories, such as the wireless MagSafe charger from Apple. Because the magnet aligns the wireless charging coils just right, the charging speed goes up considerably, according to Apple.

From a first test, however, we find it takes a long time for the iPhone battery to be filled in this way. Using the included Lightning-to-USB-C cable works a lot faster. MagSafe also makes new accessories possible, which third parties can also use. The first MagSafe car holders have already been announced, so we’re curious to see what else the new connection will bring.iPhone 12 Pro Performance and battery

Performance and battery

Since we have not been able to test the iPhone 12 Pro for so long, we cannot say much about the performance of the new A14 chip and the battery life. We will test the device extensively in the coming week and then present our final review. We will further discuss the performance and battery life of this new device.

Conclusion iPhone 12 Pro first impression

The iPhone 12 Pro increasingly focuses on a specific target group. Now that the iPhone 12 has the same screen and processor, the Pro has to differentiate itself in other areas. Actually, the only real reason to choose the Pro over the regular 12 is the better camera. We are therefore very curious what else we will discover when we extensively test this iPhone in the coming days. Check out our final verdict in the final iPhone 12 Pro review next week.

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