iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max: These are the main differences

Do you have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and are you considering buying its successor? Then read on quickly. We put the biggest iPhones of 2019 and 2020 against each other. This is our iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max comparison.

Comparison: iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

The differences between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro are relatively small. But what about the larger variants? In this article, we compare the iPhone 12 Pro Max with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. We of course conclude with a purchase advice.

Index: iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

  1. Screen, housing and design
  2. Hardware
  3. (no) 5G
  4. Cameras
  5. Prices
  6. Purchase advice

1. Bigger screen and new design

The iPhone 12 (and iPhone 12 mini ) have an OLED screen this year. That’s a huge step up from the LCD panel in the iPhone 11. The differences between the Pro models are much smaller. The iPhone 11 Pro Max already had an OLED screen and the display in the iPhone 12 Pro Max has about the same quality. For example, the pixel density is the same and they look just as sharp.

However, the new Max has grown. It has a 6.7-inch screen, while its predecessor had to do with 6.5 inches. Because the edges of the device are somewhat thinner, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is only slightly larger than the 11 Pro Max.iphone 12 pro max vs iphone 11 pro max comparison

A big advantage of the iPhone 12 series is the Ceramic Shield. Thanks to this durable screen layer, the new iPhones are four times better protected against a fall than last year’s models. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is also more resistant to water. You can submerge the device for a maximum of half an hour at a depth of six meters. The iPhone 11 Pro Max only survives if you don’t go further than four meters.

Apple has also given the iPhone 12 phones a new look. The design is reminiscent of a combination of the iPad Pro and iPhones of yesteryear, such as the iPhone 5s. The screens are now completely flat and are housed in an angular housing. In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro Max can handle MagSafe, Apple’s new magnetic charging technology. The 11 Pro Max can’t.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max screen : 6.7 inch OLED panel in housing of 160.8mm (height) x 78.1mm (width) x 7.4mm (thickness)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max screen : 6.5 inch OLED panel in 158mm (height) x 77.8mm (width) x 8.1mm (thickness) housing

2. Faster, more RAM and extra storage space

A new iPhone means a new chip. All iPhone 12 models run on the A14 Bionic processor, which is a lot faster than the A13 in the iPhone 11 series. In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has 6GB of RAM and the iPhone 11 Pro Max only 4GB. That means the new Max is better suited for multitasking.

The battery life of both smartphones is exactly the same, according to Apple. The iPhone 12 Pro Max does have more storage capacity as standard. The basic model has 128GB. With the cheapest iPhone 11 Pro Max, you ‘only’ get 64GB to store your files. Both the 11 and 12 are also available with 256 or 512GB of storage space. This is useful if you have a lot of videos or music on your phone.iphone 12 pro vs iphone 11 pro comparison

3.5G or not?

Another advantage of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is that the smartphone has 5G. This new mobile network can already be used in certain places in the Netherlands and will be rolled out further in the coming years. The iPhone 11 Pro Max only supports 4G.

We will not see the real speed gain of 5G until 2022, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max is at least prepared for the future. This is especially useful if you plan to use your new smartphone for a number of years. In the video below, we explain why 5G will only really gain momentum in 2022.

4. Cameras: good and better

iPhone enthusiasts eagerly look forward to the improvements in the camera area every year. This time Apple has mainly put the innovations in the largest model. The differences between the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max are therefore quite significant.

To start with the similarities: both smartphones have an ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto lens. All cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro Max still have a resolution of 12 megapixels.

The primary (wide-angle) camera of the 12 Pro Max does have a larger sensor. It captures more details, which should ensure sharper photos, especially in poor light conditions. This sensor is also better stabilized than before. In addition, you can now optically zoom in 2.5 times with the telephoto lens. With the 11 Pro Max, this is twice.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max also has a LiDAR scanner. This allows the iPhone to estimate depths better, especially when it is dark. With the new Max, you can therefore shoot portrait photos for the first time in Night mode. LiDAR also provides faster autofocus and puts all kinds of augmented reality applications at your fingertips.

Speaking of Night mode: it is now also available on the ultra-wide-angle camera and selfie camera. On the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you could only use it on the normal wide-angle camera. Also, Deep Fusion is now using the front camera. As a result, slightly underexposed selfies look better.iphone 12 pro max vs iphone 11 pro max camera comparison

The iPhone 12 Pro Max can also film HDR videos in Dolby Vision at a maximum of 60 frames per second (fps). The 11 Pro Max can’t. Also, Apple ProRAW is only available on the new Max. This allows you to take photos in RAW format for better editing afterwards.

The selfie camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max can also handle HDR video, although that is with a maximum of 30 fps. In addition, you can now FaceTime in full-HD. Both features are missing on the 11 Pro Max.

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras: Ultra wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto camera (all 12 megapixels) with LiDAR scanner
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max cameras: Ultra-wide, wide and telephoto camera (all 12 megapixels)

5. Prices

Fortunately, the entry-level price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is unchanged from the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Moreover, you get more value for your money, because the standard storage space is now 128GB. With the 11 Pro Max that was 64GB. If you want more storage capacity, you obviously have to pay extra for it. These are the prices of the iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • 128GB: 1259 euros
  • 256GB: 1,379 euros
  • 512GB: 1609 euros

Apple officially no longer sells the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but you can still order many web shops and providers from him. The Techlargest price comparison shows that the cheapest model is now available from around 950 euros.

Purchase advice

There are a few reasons to switch from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The design looks fresher, the screen is a bit bigger and the device is just a bit faster. The new A14 chip and the support for 5G make the 12 Pro Max feel a bit faster in all respects.

Of course, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not suddenly a bad or slow smartphone. A switch is therefore especially worthwhile if you attach great value to the cameras. The improvements in this area are considerable. Do you shoot a lot of photos or videos? Then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is definitely recommended. If not, the 11 Pro Max can last for another year.

Buy iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max can be ordered from today (November 6) at all known points of sale, but delivery times are increasing quickly. Our delivery time item is refreshed daily so that you know where the device is (not) in stock.

As mentioned, a separate iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at 1259 euros. With an iPhone 12 Pro Max with subscription, you pay this amount in monthly installments. It is available in four color options: Gold, Graphite, Ocean Blue and Silver. Use the price comparison below to find the best deal.

Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is unfortunately no longer available from Apple itself, but many web shops and providers can still deliver the device.

A separate iPhone 11 Pro Max currently starts at around 950 euros. With an iPhone 11 Pro Max with subscription, you can repay this amount in a monthly installment. You can choose from four colors: Gold, Midnight Green, Space Gray and Silver. You will find the best deal quickly and easily via the price comparison tool below.

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