iPhone camera not working: you can do this with black screen, spots or blurry photos

Your iPhone camera has stopped working properly, what can you do? In this article, you’ll find tips for when your iPhone camera shows a black image when the photos are blurry or out of focus, and when the Camera app keeps crashing.

It can just happen: your iPhone camera has stopped working. When opening the iPhone Camera app, you get a black or a blurred image and it is not possible to take photos. It can also happen that the Camera app crashes and no longer wants to open or gives a blurry image. How do you check if the iPhone camera is broken? To fix these iPhone camera problems, you can try the following solutions.

iPhone camera not working or broken

Nowadays, nobody can do without an iPhone camera anymore. We capture our lives with the iPhone, take selfies and even use the camera to scan documents. A broken iPhone camera can therefore be annoying. With this article, we will try to find out through issues when the iPhone camera not working.

Often you can easily find out for yourself whether the problem is related to hardware (for example, a dirty or broken lens) or whether it is a software problem.

In some cases, you can tell what the problem is from the photo. For example, you can determine whether your camera lens is dirty or scratched. In the latter, you often have a problem. You will have to replace the entire back if you ever want to take nice pictures again. In this case, it is a hardware problem. It could also be a software problem. Your iPhone camera freezes or you cannot open the iPhone camera at all. In this case, try to close all apps. Doesn’t this solve the problem? Then you can still decide to reboot the device or reset the iPhone to factory settings.iPhone camera broken

In this tip for iPhone camera problems, we will discuss:

  • # 1 Scratches, dirt and dust in the iPhone camera
  • # 2 iPhone camera gives black image
  • # 3 iPhone Camera app crashes on opening
  • # 4 iPhone camera takes blurry photos

# 1 Scratches, dirt and dust in the iPhone camera

Your iPhone’s lens can get damaged. Even though the glass of the lens is extremely hard and scratch-resistant, it can still get damaged if you drop the iPhone. Dirt, dust, or moisture may also have gotten behind the lens. You cannot just fix this yourself. The only solution at such a time is to have the camera replaced or repaired. This is quite easy to do.

You can visit an Apple Store or an Apple Service Provider with the broken iPhone camera to get an impression of the costs. If you no longer have a warranty on the device, you will be cheaper with an independent repairer. We have written an extensive article about all the options available for iPhone repair.

# 2 iPhone camera gives black image

If you open the Camera app of your iPhone and get a black image, it does not automatically mean that the camera is really broken. This is probably a software problem that is fairly easy to fix. Of course, it is good to first check that there is not just something in front of your lens. You may have inserted the iPhone incorrectly into the case, covering the lens.

The first thing you can try is to force close the camera app. You can read how to do this in our tip about force closing apps. If that doesn’t help, resetting your iPhone may solve the problem.

If you are still having problems, you can check if the front camera is still working by switching to the front camera in the Camera app. If the front camera also shows a black image, it is recommended to install your iPhone from scratch. In the tip Restore iPhone, we explain how that works.

If the front camera just works, there is probably a hardware problem. It is best to visit an Apple Store or an Apple Service Provider to investigate what is going on.

# 3 Camera app crashes on opening

In addition to the Camera app, there are of course more apps that use the camera in the device. These apps may crash when starting the camera function. This is a software problem for which you can go through the same steps as when the camera shows a black image. Force close all open apps or reset your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, you can finally try iPhone restore.

Does the Camera app not crash, but you cannot use the camera functions within an app? Then the app in question has probably not been allowed to use the camera in the iOS Privacy Settings. In that case, you can grant the app permission via the Settings app under Privacy> Camera. Here you can set per-app whether or not it can use the cameras in your iPhone.

# 4 iPhone camera takes blurry photos

Do you suffer from a camera that continuously takes blurry photos? Make sure you always focus well on the object that you want to be in focus on. You do this in the iOS Camera app by tapping the object you want to photograph.

Isn’t that the problem? Then clean the lens well with a microfiber cloth. If you use a case, you can try to take a photo without the case. Some cases cause in-camera image stabilization issues on new iPhones, especially if the case is made of metal or contains magnets.

Doesn’t that solve the problem? Or do you have other problems with your iPhone’s camera? It is best to visit the Apple Store or an Apple Service Provider for an iPhone repair. They can investigate whether it is a software problem or whether your iPhone needs to be repaired.

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