You can do this if the iPhone flash is not working

Your iPhone flash not working? With a few simple steps, you can check if there is a malfunction or if something else is wrong. This way you make sure that the iPhone flash works again!

The iPhone flash is indispensable for taking photos in the dark. If the iPhone flash is defective, you will notice it immediately: the photos are much too dark and you can no longer see clearly what is in the photo. Is it the flash itself or the software? That is easy to find out. In this tip, we will explain what you can do in case of a faulty iPhone flash.

iPhone flash not working

There is a fairly easy way to check if the flash is really defective. You do this via the flashlight function. By going to Control Center and turning on the flashlight on your iPhone, you can see if the flash is still working.

Nothing happens? Then you probably cannot solve the problem yourself. It is best to go to the Apple Store or an Apple Service Provider to have your device repaired. Learn how to contact Apple Support below.

Fix flash iPhone problems

If using the above method the flash works normally but doesn’t work when taking a photo, there are a few things you can try. To start with, it is good to check whether it is really on. Open the Camera app and see if the flash icon at the top left of your screen is yellow.

You can recognize the icon by a lightning bolt. If it is white, the flash is in automatic mode and only works in low light. In that case, turn it on completely to test it. Tap it and select the On option to turn on the flash when you take a photo.iPhone flash does not work

Now check if the flash turns on when you take a picture. Isn’t this the problem? Then you can try to force close the Camera app. You can read how to do this in our tip about force closing apps. If that doesn’t help, try an iPhone reset.

iPhone flash stops when filming or too hot environment

Another cause can be an environment that is too warm. If you use your iPhone in the hot sun for an extended period of time, the flash function will be temporarily disabled. This prevents the iPhone temperature from getting even hotter than it already is so that no parts are damaged.

This is therefore not a defect, but a measure to protect your iPhone. If your iPhone feels very warm, wait a moment for it to cool and then check again to see if the flash is working properly. Even if you are filming for a long time with the flash on, it can be turned off.

Still not resolved? Then the last resort is to install your iPhone from scratch. In the tip Restore iPhone, we explain how that works. If that doesn’t help either, we can only recommend that you visit an Apple Store or Apple Service Provider.

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