Insure iPhone: do you need iPhone insurance?

Do you have toInsurance your iPhone and which iPhone insurance policies are there? In this article we have listed all the considerations: in case of damage, theft or loss of your iPhone, device insurance comes in handy, but insuring your iPhone is not always necessary.

Do you need to Insurance your iPhone against theft, fall or other accident? And what is the best device insurance? We help you decide whether it is wise to take out iPhone insurance because you have quite a choice: you can Insurance your iPhone with your provider, an insurance company or with Apple itself in the form of AppleCare + . What is sensible? For an iPad insurance, you can read our separate article iPad insurance.

Below you can read about:

  • Which iPhone insurance?
  • iPhone insurance useful?
  • Checklist
  • Gear insurance
  • AppleCare or iPhone insurance?
  • iPhone warranty
  • Contents insurance
  • Valuables insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • iCare: APRs

Which iPhone insurance policies are there?

If you choose to take out special device insurance, there is a lot of choice. It is therefore worthwhile to properly compare iPhone insurance policies. The premiums are quite low: between 5 and 10 euros per month, but if you look over the entire term, it can still add up considerably. Note that device insurance only applies to the Insurance device and is usually non-transferable if you resell your device. As an entrepreneur, you can deduct the costs of iPhone insurance.

Below we mention iPhone insurers in good standing:

  • SmartphonePolis
  • NowInsurance
  • Central management

iPhone insurance from

With SmartphonePolis you can take out insurance up to a year after purchase. So you don’t have to hurry. This device insurance covers almost all unexpected damage. You indicate which iPhone you want to Insurance and whether you want theft coverage. You get extensive cover and can easily take out a policy online.

More info: SmartPhonePolis

iPhone insurance from NowInsure

NowInsure offers smartphone insurance that is also suitable for the iPhone. You can take out this iPhone insurance up to 12 months after purchase and then you have 14 days to change your mind. Also handy: there is no annual contract, so if you decide to sell your device in the meantime, you can. The insurance can be canceled monthly. In addition to an iPhone you can also insure a tablet, e-reader, laptop, camera, smartwatch and all kinds of other electronics at NowInsure .
You choose the brand of smartphone and the model, indicate the value (e.g. € 1001 to € 1500 for an iPhone 12 Proand choose the desired coverage. You can choose from damage, with or without theft. You are also flexible with regard to the deductible: you can choose from € 25, € 75 or € 125.

More info: NowInsure

iPhone insurance from Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer offers smartphone insurance. This is part of the bundle Valuables outdoors. You get the replacement value back for phones that are younger than 1 year and your new purchases are also insured. Valuables for the whole family are insured, both indoors and outdoors. Cover applies throughout the Netherlands.
This insures your iPhone against damage, loss or theft. To be able to take out the Valuables Outdoor Insurance, you must have a contents insurance from Centraal Beheer.

More info: Centraal Beheer

Do I have to insure my iPhone?

The advantage of iPhone insurance is that you do not have to pay for the costs yourself in the event of a fall, damage, theft or an accident. But taking out such a device insurance does of course cost money and perhaps your iPhone is already covered under an existing insurance policy, for example the household insurance (the latter is less and less the case).

Whether you take out insurance is a personal choice. Insurance gives you peace of mind and prevents you from suddenly being faced with a large outlay. A useful rule of thumb is that it is best to insure damage that you cannot bear yourself, such as the burning down of your house or an expensive medical operation.

With iPhones, things are more nuanced: do you have enough savings to buy a new iPhone in case of loss or theft ? Or would you rather pay a small amount per month to get rid of all the ‘nagging’? If you feel more comfortable with iPhone insurance, these are all things to consider when deciding whether you need iPhone insurance:

  • Have you taken out AppleCare + ? If so, additional iPhone insurance is often unnecessary.
  • Do you use an iPhone case? Especially with ‘rugged’ covers, the chance that your iPhone will be damaged is small.
  • Are you thrifty with your things? Then you probably don’t need iPhone insurance.

IPhone insurance checklist

A checklist to keep in mind when insuring your iPhone:

  • What is the premium per month?
  • Are there additional costs, such as insurance tax and closing costs?
  • Is there a higher premium for expensive devices such as the iPhone?
  • What is the notice period?
  • Are personal accidents such as dropping covered?
  • Is cosmetic damage such as dents and scratches covered?
  • Do you receive the replacement value or the current value paid out in the event of loss or theft? Or does the insurer only pay in kind (in that case you can get an older device that you do not want, for example from a different brand)?
  • Do you have to send in claim forms, police reports and the like in case of damage?
  • Do you receive a new device in case of damage, or do you receive an amount with which you have to buy a new device yourself?
  • Does the insurer arrange the iPhone repair , or do you receive a compensation with which you can have the repair carried out yourself?
  • What is the processing time for handling claims? Actua, for example, uses a waiting period of 30 days in connection with the possibility of finding the device, but then you will be without a device for a month.
  • What is the deductible in the event of damage?
  • Do you have to take out insurance immediately when purchasing the iPhone or can it also be done afterwards, after a certain period of time?
  • Is it possible to get a loaner?
  • What has been arranged for the replacement device or loan device? Do you get a replacement iPhone in the same price range, or can you also end up with a cheap Android device?
  • Inquire in the shop if there are additional insurance policies. Sometimes the seller will only recommend the most lucrative variant, while there are also cheaper variants that are better suited to your situation.

Gear insurance

You can often also insure your iPhone through your mobile provider. You often pay a fixed amount on top of your normal monthly costs. Count on between 10 and 15 euros per month. The fact that an iPhone insurance is more expensive than an iPad insurance is because a smartphone is more vulnerable, is used more intensively and is more often taken outside.

Many providers have outsourced iPhone insurance to an external partner, such as the insurers ProAssist, ACE and Actua. Pay close attention to the conditions as to whether only technical defects are covered, or whether loss and theft are also covered. If the repair is going to take longer, you can get a replacement device, but that is not always an iPhone. The replacement device is often a cheaper or older model than you were used to.

The insurer is not obliged to return a brand new copy in the event of loss of your device. A refurbished iPhone is also allowed, the judge ruled in 2017 .

It is often unwise to have a device insurance policy in store for you. You’d better take a little more time to research and compare so that you can read the terms and conditions at home.

As far as the premium for a device insurance is concerned, the simple rule is: the more flexible the conditions, the higher the premium. If the insurer applies fairly flexible rules, provides fast service and easily pays out the full purchase amount, the premium will often be somewhat higher. There will therefore be more often people who abuse the flexible rules. As an honest customer, you contribute to people who submit a claim at the slightest thing. Therefore, choose the insurance that suits you best.

Do I need iPhone insurance or AppleCare?

In fact, AppleCare + for iPhone is also insurance. This entitles you to telephone support and iPhone repairs for up to two years . In addition, there is cover for a maximum of two claims that were caused by yourself, ie as a result of an accident. A deductible of € 49 per incident applies for this.

You can take out AppleCare + up to 60 days after purchasing your iPhone. It is best to purchase AppleCare + at the same time as your new iPhone , because the cover applies from the moment of purchase.

Whether this is more attractive or cheaper than iPhone insurance depends on your personal situation. Below you can see the prices:

Appliance AppleCare
iPhone 12 mini € 169
iPhone 12 € 169
iPhone 12 Pro € 229
iPhone 12 Pro Max € 229
iPhone 11 € 169
iPhone SE € 99
iPhone XR € 169

You can find prices of AppleCare + for other iPhones here .

What about iPhone insurance and warranty?

Apple comes with a 1-year iPhone warranty as standard. Products purchased in the EU have a longer 2-year warranty for consumers, which Apple happily takes into account.

Good to know: such a warranty only applies to manufacturing defects and other hardware defects. Loss, theft and accidental damage are not covered by the warranty but are often reimbursed if you take out special iPhone insurance. That is why it can make sense to take out iPhone insurance. That gives peace of mind.

Is iPhone reimbursed through the contents insurance?

Sometimes this can indeed be the case. If your home contents insurance cover damage to your iPhone, you do not need separate insurance, but it is worthwhile to take a good look at the conditions. Therefore, check the policy whether electronics are covered. Some insurers only provide cover if the damage occurs indoors.

Because this cover was abused, more and more insurers have started to remove it from their conditions. A large part of the claims turned out to be stolen or damaged iPhones and iPods, which threatened to make contents insurance unaffordable. Insurers now often include this in a separate electronics or valuables insurance policy, for which you have to pay separately. An example of this is the ‘Valuables away from home’ insurance from Centraal Beheer.

In addition, the home contents insurance often only reimburses for certain causes, such as fire or theft. Your iPhone is often not insured outside the home, and that also applies to loss. If you want accidents to be covered, you can often take out extra outdoor cover. This means that the iPhone is also insured when you are on the road. You can contact well-known insurers such as Aegon, Delta Lloyd, Reaal, ASR, Avero, Nationale Nederlanden, Centraal Beheer , SNS and Unigarant. The costs and conditions differ per insurer.

If the iPhone is covered by your home insurance, this has a number of advantages. Cover applies to all devices you own, including all your iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. With appliance insurance, the cover always applies to one, specific device.

The disadvantage is that it is not so easy to change from the home insurance company and that you are therefore stuck with certain conditions for a longer period of time. Because the home contents insurance is intended for private individuals, the costs are not business deductible. If you are an entrepreneur, it is better to see if you can insure the iPhone through company insurance.

You can insure your iPhone at:

  • SmartPhonePolis
  • NowInsure
  • Or with general insurers such as Centraal Beheer

Can I insure the iPhone with valuables insurance?

Some insurers offer the option to insure electronics, jewelry, antiques and other valuables with a valuables insurance policy. Read the conditions to see if the iPhone is covered. There are insurers where all the expensive conditions in the home are covered by the valuables insurance, while with other insurers it only applies to objects such as art, jewelry and furniture.

You can also take out PC or electronics insurance. Pay close attention to whether you are reimbursed for the current market value or the purchase value and whether the insurer also takes care of the repair in the event of damage . With valuables insurance, the cover usually only includes theft, fire and the like and no hardware damage. One of the providers you can turn to is the aforementioned Centraal Beheer .

Is the iPhone covered by my travel insurance?

If you take an iPhone with you on vacation, you can also insure it via extra modules. This often covers all electronics such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Note that sometimes you only receive a small compensation in the event of theft, for example 300 euros. That is not enough to buy a new iPhone in case of theft . If the iPhone is co-insured with the Baggage section, the reimbursement is almost always too low.

With travel insurance, pay attention to the following points:

  • Does the insurer reimburse the replacement value or the current value of the iPhone?
  • Up to what value is equipment covered? With some insurers this is € 500, with others € 1,250.
  • What is the maximum compensation for loss of your iPhone? This can be € 250 but also € 500.
  • What is the deductible? Sometimes there is no deductible, but € 200 also occurs.
  • Is the allowance per person and per trip? And does it also apply to other expensive equipment such as navigation systems, cameras and laptops?
  • Is there holiday cover or business cover?

In the event of theft, you must always be able to prove that you were traveling (not a day at Efteling). You must also have reported it to the local police. You can go to ABN AMRO, Aegon, ANWB, Avéro, Centraal Beheer, De Europeesche, ING, Interpolis, OHRA, Intergarant and other providers for travel insurance.

Insure iPhone through Apple Premium Resellers: iCare

With some APRs, you can also take out insurance for your purchase. At iMac this is called iCare and it offers basic cover for technical defects, fall damage, bumps and water or moisture damage. In addition, you can take out iCare Plus, which also covers you against theft, robbery and high costs in the event of abuse of your bundle after the theft. There is a deductible per damage, to prevent people from taking advantage of it.

You pay a fixed amount per month for this insurance and it can be canceled monthly, with a minimum contract period of 3 months. iCare applies worldwide, including on holiday. The monthly amount depends on the sales value of your product.

Do you also want to insure an iPad ? Then view our tips about iPad insurance.

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