Is your iPhone locked? Don’t despair, you can do this!

A last resort if your phone is blocked. Sometimes you are convinced that a password is your correct password, while this is not (anymore) the case. At another time, the children played with your iPhone and the phone is locked until the year 2138. At that moment panic often strikes and that is not necessary. With this handy step-by-step plan, we explain how you can quickly use your iPhone again, even if you want to do more than just take a photo. Incidentally, according to Apple, your iPhone is not active if it is locked.

1. Start with a Backup

If your iPhone allows it, you will need to make a backup directly to iCloud. This way, all photos and videos are certainly preserved. If the phone is already locked to the point where this is no longer possible, there is a risk that you will lose all stored data. You can take this risk or contact an Apple specialist to help you further. Once you have made the backup, you can then take the following steps.

2. Connect the phone to your computer and open iTunes

3. Force restart your iPhone

Now that the connection with iTunes has been made, you can force restart your iPhone. How you should do this exactly depends on the iPhone model you have. If you have an iPhone 8 or newer device, press the ‘volume up’ button. Then release it and press the ‘volume down’ button. After this you can press and hold the side button. The recovery mode screen should then appear on your display.

For the iPhone 7, the procedure is slightly different. To bring up the recovery mode screen here, press and hold the side button and the volume down button at the same time. If you have an older iPhone, you will need to press the ‘start’ and ‘top’ buttons simultaneously until the recovery mode screen opens.

4. Choose the option ‘restore’.

In the window that is now on your screen, you will read a message that there is a problem that requires you to restore or update the iPhone. Choose the option ‘recovery’.

The iPhone will now perform the requested restore. This will take a few minutes. It is important that you keep the iPhone connected to the computer during that time. If something goes wrong that causes the recovery to take longer than 15 minutes, the iPhone will close the screen automatically after 15 minutes and interrupt the recovery. You then have to perform the above steps again.

If the recovery went well, you can continue after a few minutes and choose your usual settings. If you want to restore your last backup, you can do this via iCloud. It is important that you have a good (WiFi) connection to the internet and that the battery is sufficiently charged.

5. restore your backup

When you are sure that this is correct, you can choose the option ‘restore with iCloud Backup’ in your iPhone via ‘data and apps’. You can then log in to your iCloud with your Apple ID. When you are logged in you can select the most recent backup. Confirm that you want to restore the Backup. Then you can see on the basis of the status bar how fast this is and how long it takes. You can then close the setup and use your iPhone as usual again.

Should the device nevertheless remain locked, there is apparently more to it. It is best to read everything again or contact the point of sale or the Apple store to discuss.

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