My iPhone no longer turns on: these tips will certainly help

Whatever you try, your iPhone will no longer turn on. You see a black screen and buttons no longer respond. Techlargest gives 8 tips to get your iPhone working again.

  • # 1 Charging iPhone
  • # 2 Restart
  • # 3 Recover
  • # 4 Recovery mode
  • # 5 Factory settings
  • # 6 Redecorating
  • # 7 Help through forum
  • # 8 Help through AppleiPhone X low battery

1. iPhone charging

Sometimes the solution is simpler than you think. Try charging your iPhone first. Maybe the battery is just dead or there is an internal glitch causing the iPhone to think the battery is dead. If you have connected the iPhone to the charger, you have to wait a while. The iPhone needs a minimum battery charge before you can turn on the device.

If your iPhone was completely empty, it may take a few minutes for the battery icon to appear, like in the photo. Since 2017, all new models can fast charge the iPhone. If you charge a suitable iPhone with this via a Lightning to USB-C cable, you will have enough power to use it again in a short time.

2. iPhone no longer turns on? Try rebooting!

It can also happen that your iPhone is completely frozen. Starting up the iPhone is a simple way to completely empty the memory, without losing apps, contacts and photos. If the manual startup is not successful, you will have to force restart your device. You do this by pressing the home button and the power button simultaneously, for at least 10 seconds. Hold them down until you see the Apple logo again. The iPhone will reboot after that and will probably work again. Does not it work? Then proceed to step 3.

Read everything about restarting your iPhone in the tip below!

3. Restore iPhone via iTunes

To restore your iPhone, you need the latest version of iTunes. Connect the iPhone to the PC or Mac and click your device in iTunes. If all goes well, a backup of your device will now be automatically made. If that is not the case, you can also manually click on ‘Make a backup copy.make a backup

At the top of the iTunes screen, you will see the ‘Restore iPhone’ button. Click on this to restore iPhone. If you get the choice to update your iPhone, choose it. You will then immediately get the latest iOS version installed on your device, which hopefully solves your problems. Your data will not be lost.

4. Put iPhone into Recovery Mode

If reinstalling or updating your iOS version has had no effect or is unsuccessful, continue with the next step. To do this, put the iPhone in Recovery Mode, which we will explain below.iphone recovery mode

Therefore, make sure you have a good backup of your device so that you do not lose photos, contacts and other data.

Then put the iPhone in ‘Recovery mode’:

  1. Turn off the iPhone completely by long pressing the on/off button. Then choose ‘Shut down’.
  2. Plug the iPhone charging cable into the computer, but do not connect the device yet.
  3. Press and hold the iPhone home button and then plug the cable into the iPhone.
  4. You will now see an image of a cord and an arrow towards iTunes (see image). This indicates that an iPhone was found in recovery mode.My iPhone no longer turns on
  5. iTunes indicates that an iPhone has been found and offers to restore the device. Tap the Restore button or Update. You will see the latter option if you have not yet installed the latest iOS version.
  6. Restore the backup if necessary after the restore.

5. Restore iPhone to factory settings

If your iPhone is still responding strangely and causing inexplicable issues, then it’s time for drastic action. You can then try to factory reset the iPhone. You do this on the iPhone as follows:

  1. First make a backup via iCloud (or check if you have a recent backup ).
  2. Make sure your iPhone is properly charged or connect it to the charging cable.
  3. Go to Settings> General.
  4. Scroll down and choose Reset.
  5. Choose the option ‘Erase all content and settings and confirm that you want to erase everything.
  6. Restore the backup from iCloud.

You will find a more detailed explanation in the tip below.

6. Set up iPhone again

When you restore a backup, it can also happen that you get exactly the same problems back. In that case, there is nothing else to do to redesign your iPhone. To do this, reset your iPhone to factory settings and manually reinstall all apps. You will also have to re-enter all the settings, such as the password for your Wi-Fi network and the login details for your mail account. If you have been taking the same backups of old devices with you to the next one for years, it is sometimes advisable to start all over again. You can then immediately clean up apps that you no longer used.

7. Techlargest forum: “iPhone won’t turn on anymore”

Do you have a very specific problem that prevents your iPhone from turning on? Then you can often find an answer on the Techlargest forum. If your problem has not been discussed before, you can also ask a question yourself. Forum visitors find it annoying when you ask questions that have been answered several times before, so keep that in mind and first check whether your problem has been known for much longer. For the search “iPhone does not turn on anymore” several topics with just as many solutions can be found.

8. Ask Apple for help

Didn’t get your iPhone working again? For example, do you only see a black screen? Then contact Apple. In the Netherlands, you can call 0800-0201581 and in Belgium 0800-80407 (Flanders). You can also make an appointment at the Genius Bar via Apple’s website so that an employee can help you further.

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