Comparison iPhone SE 2020 vs OnePlus Nord: Which one is best for you

The brand new OnePlus Nord resembles the iPhone SE 2020 in many ways: it is affordable, has solid specifications and an excellent price-quality ratio. In this comparison, we measure the two software counterparts. iPhone SE 2020 vs OnePlus Nord Which one is best for you.

iPhone SE 2020 vs OnePlus Nord: a comparison

The iPhone SE, a new version of which appeared at the beginning of this year, is quite popular among Android users, according to market research. People from the ‘other camp’ in particular would make the switch to Apple’s compact phone.

Now that the OnePlus Nord has been presented, the iPhone SE has a formidable Android competitor. The Nord offers a very good price-quality ratio, just like the renewed SE from Apple. Time to compare the two.

1. Format and design

The most obvious difference between the OnePlus Nord and iPhone SE 2020 is the size. You probably can’t operate the former with one hand, but the iPhone probably can. The OnePlus Nord has a 6.44-inch screen with virtually no screen edges while the display diagonal of the SE is only 4.7 inches. The iPhone does have larger bezels, which is at the expense of the screen size.

  • Dimensions iPhone SE 2020 in millimeters: 138.4 by 67.3, ‘thickness’ of 7.3.
  • Dimensions OnePlus Nord in millimeters: 158.3 by 73.3, ‘thickness’ of 8.2.

SE 2020 vs OnePlus Nord

2. Prices

The OnePlus Nord is cheaper than the 2020 version of the iPhone SE. At least, if you get the entry-level model. The OnePlus Nord with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage costs 399 euros. For 100 euros more you get the version with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage.

The iPhone SE is available in three versions: with 64/128 or 256GB storage. The entry-level model has a suggested retail price of 489 euros, the middle version for 539 euros over the counter, and the model with 256GB internal storage costs 659 euros.

3. Software

The big difference between the OnePlus Nord and iPhone SE 2020 is simple: software. The former runs on Android 10, while the compact iPhone runs on iOS 13. Both operating systems have their pros and cons and which one you like is very personal, so let’s keep the comparison objective and look at the level of software support.

OnePlus promises to provide the Nord with security updates for three years. In addition, the device will take the updates to Android 11 and Android 12 in due course. The final version of Android 11 will be released later this year, Android 12 coming in 2021.Apple iPhone SE 2020 vs OnePlus Nord

Apple is less clear about making such promises. However, experience shows that the company will continue to support its phones for about five years, both in terms of security and version updates. For example, the iPhone 6S (from 2015) will be ‘just’ updated to iOS 14 later this year. In terms of software support, the new iPhone SE undoubtedly draws the longest.

4. Camera

“More than enough”, we wrote in our iPhone SE 2020 review about the camera quality of the device. In general, the 12-megapixel main camera delivers great snaps, but in low light, the quality quickly deteriorates. Pictures then become grainy. However, for most people, the camera quality of the iPhone SE 2 is sufficient.

The OnePlus Nord has done things better in terms of cameras. The Android phone has a total of six lenses: four on the back, two on the front. The 48-megapixel main sensor shoots fine pictures and the wide-angle lens also does its job. In addition, selfies are beautiful and detailed thanks to the 32-megapixel resolution of the main front camera.Compare OnePlus Nord vs Apple iPhone SE

In the OnePlus Nord review tech largest, we read that not all cameras of the device are “equally usable”. Colleague Colin mainly refers to the macro camera and depth sensor, which you use for close-up photos and portraits, respectively. However, they don’t get in the way either, so it’s not a major drawback.

5. Processor

In terms of processor, the roles have been reversed. The new iPhone SE is very fast thanks to the A13 processor. We know this chip from the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which are all hundreds of euros more expensive. In terms of working memory and storage, the iPhone SE has to compete with the Nord.Apple iPhone SE (2020) vs OnePlus Nord

The new middle class from OnePlus has standard 8GB RAM and 128GB storage onboard. These are gigantic numbers for a device in this price range. However, since most users don’t need that much RAM and / or storage at all, the question is whether you actually notice this difference in practice. We think it is not so bad.

6. 5G

Now that KPN and T-Mobile have also rolled out their 5G network, Dutch interest in the successor to 4G is increasing. Would you like to get started with the new telecom standard? Then you should go for the OnePlus Nord. This device can handle 5G thanks to the Snapdragon 765G chip, as the name suggests. The iPhone SE does not have 5G support.

7. Purchase advice

In summary, both devices have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Your purchase choice therefore mainly depends on the software: do you prefer to work with iOS, or do you want to experiment with Android affordably? In terms of support for that software, the iPhone SE has the better papers: Apple maintains its phones much longer than Android manufacturers do.

The renewed SE is also more powerful and compact than the OnePlus Nord. If you are looking for a device that you can operate with one hand, the choice is quickly made. 5G may pass you by, but it will not be until 2022 before the mobile network becomes considerably faster. For the time being, this is therefore mainly a flaw on paper.

Do you ever look at Android phones with a skewed eye and do you want to get acquainted with Google’s platform affordably? Then the OnePlus Nord offers a warm welcome to the world of Android. The device is affordable, has impressive specifications, decent cameras and is ready for 5G. According to Android concepts, the software support is also a mustache.

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