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The iPhone XS and the iPhone XR are the latest iPhones. If you want to buy a new iPhone, it can be difficult to choose. In this article, we list the differences between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR for you.

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iPhone XR or iPhone XS: having trouble choosing?

You’re about to get a new iPhone, but which one? You can of course buy the iPhone XS, but isn’t the iPhone XR just as attractive? It has broadly the same functions but at a much lower price. If you have doubts between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR, this article will help you on your way. The differences between the iPhone XS and iPhone XR are not very big, but there are certainly a number of points that you should take into account.

iPhone XR and iPhone XS are different

These are the main differences between iPhone XR vs iPhone XS :

  • The price of the iPhone XR is a lot lower. You can buy a separate iPhone XR from € 859, while the more expensive model costs € 1,159.
  • The screen of the iPhone XR (6.1-inch) is between the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch of the other two models.
  • The weight of the XR is 194 grams, compared to 177 grams and 208 grams.
  • The screen of the iPhone XR is LCD ( Liquid Retina ), while the other two devices have a Super Retina OLED screen. An OLED iPhone also has pros and cons.
  • The screen edges of the iPhone XR are slightly wider.
  • The XR is available in six (bright) colors: yellow, coral, blue, red, white and black. The XS is a bit more austere: gold, space gray and silver.
  • The XR has a single camera, the XS models have a dual rear camera with optical zoom.
  • The XR has an aluminum frame, the XS a shiny stainless steel rim.
  • The XR lacks 3D Touch; instead, it works with Haptic Touch.
  • The XS is more water-resistant: IP68 compared to IP67.
  • The XS is available with 512GB (in addition to 64GB and 256GB). The XR comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.
  • The XS has 4GB RAM, the XR has 3GB RAM.
  • Faster wireless charging on the iPhone XS (about 30 minutes faster).
  • The iPhone XR has the longest battery life. As an example internet use: 15 hours on the XR, compared to 12 hours on the XS and 13 hours on the XS Max.

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS: the screen

By far the most important difference between the models is the screen. The size of the iPhone XR is just in between the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Plus, the resolution is a bit lower, but that doesn’t mean the iPhone XR has a bad screen.

On the contrary, according to Apple, the iPhone XR has the best LCD screen they have ever made. This LCD screen lacks the 3D Touch function, but you do get access to Haptic Touch. With 3D Touch you get extra options by pressing hard on the screen. Consider, for example, pressing firmly on an app icon. On the iPhone XR, you miss this feature, which has been available on the latest iPhones since 2015.iPhone XR vs iPhone XS

The case of the iPhone XR is slightly different. In addition to the aluminum edge, the iPhone XR is also slightly thicker. You probably know the aluminum from all previous models. Aluminum can take a beating and the matte finish looks nice. If you want something shiny, the stainless steel edge of the iPhone XS is more suitable. This gives the device a more luxurious appearance and at the same time makes it a bit heavier.

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS agreements

As you can see, the iPhone XR differs from the iPhone XS mainly in the smaller aspects. There are therefore many similarities between the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS:

  • Screens to the edges without home button.
  • TrueTone and wide color reproduction (P3)
  • You can unlock with the faster Face ID.
  • The same amount of pixels on all cameras.
  • Portrait mode and portrait lighting on both the front and rear cameras, including Depth Control.
  • The same super-fast A12 chip.
  • Record videos with stereo sound.
  • Play movies through stereo speakers.
  • Dualsim (unfortunately not yet available in the Netherlands )

iPhone XR vs iPhone XS DifferencesThe main functions of these new iPhones are about the same. The design is comparable to a screen to the edge without a home button, almost the same functions for the cameras and the same super-fast A12 chip. You do not have to worry that the iPhone XR is one step behind the iPhone XS. On the inside, the models are often the same.

Specs iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS differ

Would you like to compare the most important specifications of the models? In our table, we put the specs of the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS side by side. You can then see at a glance what the differences are.

Property iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR
Price From € 1,159 From € 1259 From € 859
Release September 2018 September 2018 October 2018
Dimensions 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm 157.5 x 77.4 x 7.7mm 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm
Weight 177 grams 208 grams 194 grams
Storage 64GB, 256GB, 512GB 64GB, 256GB, 512GB 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Colors Silver, Space Gray, Gold Silver, Space Gray, Gold Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral, Red
Water-resistant √ (IP68) √ (IP68) √ (IP67)
Screen Super Retina HD OLED Super Retina HD OLED Liquid Retina HD LCD
Screen format 5,8-inch 6,5-inch 6,1-inch
Resolution 2436 x 1125 (458 PPI) 2688 x 1242 (458 PPI) 1792 x 828 (326 PPI)
True Tone
Wide color rendering (P3)
3D Touch
Processor A12 Bionic & M12 A12 Bionic & M12 A12 Bionic & M12
Front camera 7-mp and 1080p video 7-mp and 1080p video 7-mp and 1080p video
Diaphragm f/2.2 f/2.2 f/2.2
Retina Flash
Portrait mode √ (front and rear) √ (front and rear) √ (front and rear)
Portrait lighting √ (front and rear) √ (front and rear) √ (voor en achter)
Animoji and Memoji
Rear camera 12 mp (dual) and 4K video 12 mp (dual) and 4K video 12 mp and 4K video
Diaphragm f / 1.8 (wide angle) f / 2.4 (telephoto lens) f / 1.8 (wide angle) f / 2.4 (telephoto lens) f/1.8
Optical image stabilization (photo) √ (both lenses) √ (both lenses)
Optical image stabilization (video)
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0 5.0
NFC √ (with reading mode) √ (with reading mode) √ (with reading mode)
Face ID
Touch ID
Battery (talk time) 20 hours 25 hours 25 hours
Battery (internet) 12 hours 13 hours 15 hours
Battery (video) 14 hours 15 hours 16 hours
Battery (audio) 60 hours 65 hours 65 hours
Wireless charging
Fast charging
SIM Dualsim (nano and eSIM) Dualsim (nano and eSIM) Dualsim (nano and eSIM)

Conclusion iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS differ

Whichever device you choose, you will always get the very latest in the house. In terms of speed, the devices are the same and there are also no differences in terms of operation (except for 3D Touch). You will therefore mainly make your choice based on the price, design and the camera.

If you don’t want to put more than a thousand euros on the table right away, the iPhone XR is the best choice. Even if you want to go for a bright new color, you have to go to the iPhone XR. If you would like a dual camera because you want to take the most beautiful photos, you will automatically end up with the iPhone XS. Even if you want the largest possible screen, you should buy the iPhone XS Max.

Go buy the iPhone XR if …

  • … You’re looking for a more affordable new iPhone.
  • … You want a bright new color.
  • … You don’t need a dual-camera for better zoom.
  • … You never use 3D Touch.
  • … You find 6.1 inches big enough.
  • … You want the longest battery life.

If you choose the iPhone XR, you will miss …

  • … A nicer OLED screen.
  • … The dual camera lens on the back.
  • … The golden color.
  • … The stainless steel rim.
  • … Faster wireless charging.
  • … Better waterproofing.
  • … 3D Touch.

Go buy the iPhone XS if …

  • … You want the most beautiful screen.
  • … You want the largest screen (iPhone XS Max).
  • … Want to charge faster wirelessly.
  • … You want the very best camera.
  • … You want 512GB of storage.

If you choose the iPhone XS, you will miss …

  • … The bright colors.
  • … The longer battery life.

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