LG Wing official: smart multi-tasking and filming thanks to two screens

The LG Wing with its dual screens and the rotating system has been announced. LG promises a new multi-branch experience and also wants to innovate in photography

LG Wing

We’ve already seen folding screens expand your phone’s screen space, and Microsoft and LG have shown phones in the past with two separate screens that fold like a booklet. Still, LG sees even more possibilities when it comes to dual-panel phones, and the LG Wing is the result of that.

The Wing is based on a large 6.8-inch P-OLED screen, just like the Velvet flagship. Only, there is a second screen on the back that you can bring up by turning the main screen. You turn the panel 90 degrees clockwise so that it enters landscape mode, and a second screen appears at the bottom. That second OLED panel has a smaller 3.9-inch size and it appears almost square in shape. In fact, it has a resolution of 1240 by 1080 pixels. The main screen then comes with a resolution of 2460 by 1080 pixels.LG Wing official

‘Swivel mode’

But such a second screen, what exactly can you do with it. LG explains that you can use the phone in the so-called ‘Swivel mode’ by opening the second screen. Then that screen can expand your screen space in apps, but you can also use two separate apps side by side. Suppose you watch a series on Netflix on the main screen, then you can show the IMDB app on the second screen that tells everything about the cast of that series. If you do that regularly, it is interesting to create a shortcut for this app combination. LG uses its own Wing UI, which is a launcher adapted for this dual-screen phone.lg_wing_official_website

Yet there are also apps that offer special experiences for Swivel mode, but these are not known applications. LG calls the video apps and streaming platforms Rave and Fiction, but also the Whale Browser. The latter is interesting, because it offers special functionality for YouTube, among other things. You can watch a video in the browser on the main screen and then dive into the responses via the second screen or use the search bar. In video apps that support the second screen, the Wing can also show control buttons on the small panel.


LG Wing Grip Lock

In addition, LG comes with a special experience in the car. You can follow the navigation on the main screen and then start or answer phone calls on the second panel. It is not clear whether that navigation experience also works with Google Maps or only via another app.LG Wing Grip Lock

Of course, you will not always need your smaller screen, but in that case, too the panel can offer added value. With ‘Grip-Lock’ you use the second panel as a grip that ignores your touches, while you use the main screen in landscape mode. The Wing then displays relevant information such as the time and date on the second screen, similar to an always-on functionality.

Casing and performance

The LG Wing may have a second screen with a swivel mechanism, but durability and lightness were an important focus in LG’s design. The Wing has a military-grade of protection or MIL-STD 810G certification. On the other hand, LG has limited the weight of its phone to 260 grams by opting for light materials. According to LG, the hinge of the phone can easily turn 200,000 times.Casing and performance

As a chipset, the Wing presents a Snapdragon 765G with 5G that we first saw with the Velvet. The Wing also has 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, but there is also a version with 256 GB storage. LG also uses a 4000 mAh battery that you can charge both wired and wireless.

(Gimbal) camera and pop-up module

You will find three camera sensors on the back of the Wing. First up is a 64 MP main camera with an f / 1.7 aperture and optical image stabilization. The second sensor is a 13 MP wide-angle camera that takes images at an angle of 117 degrees and lastly, LG comes with a second 12 MP wide-angle camera that takes images in 120 degrees and with larger pixel size. The latter should ensure that the camera captures more light.

LG puts a lot of emphasis on the ledger images, and for good reason. The brand wants to unpack with a strong film performance of the camera together with the second screen that functions as a gimbal. That is an accessory that keeps a camera stable during filming and photography. The intention is that you can film with extra stability and only have to use one hand in landscape mode.Casing performance

In addition to the stable mode, there is also a function that is optimized for a horizontal motion picture, or pan, and a motion picture mode for walking. LG also comes with a suite of video recording and editing software for the Wing that uses the second screen.

Whoever thought that you had heard everything about the camera with that, is wrong. As a selfie camera, the Wing has a pop-up system that picks up the 32 MP camera when you need it. The Wing also has a film mode that allows the pop-up camera and rear cameras to film simultaneously. This function should appeal to vloggers, among others. Images are stored in the same or two separate files.


The LG Wing comes in Aurora Gray and Illusion Sky colors. According to LG, the Wing appears in South Korea, North America and certain European markets. The LG Wing will arrive in the Netherlands in the fourth quarter, but nothing is known about the price yet.

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