New Mac mini with Apple M1 chip unveiled

The Mac mini is switching from Intel to Apple Silicon: this is the new Mac mini, which now runs on Apple’s own M1 chip.

Mac mini with M1 chip unveiled

During Apple’s November event, the company unveiled a new Mac mini. The new compact Mac looks the same as its predecessor but has been completely updated on the inside. This is all about the processor: for the first time, it is no longer from Intel, but from Apple itself.

That M1 chip from Apple brings quite a few changes. Because Apple can now better match hardware and software, the Mac mini uses up to 60 per cent less energy, the CPU is up to three times faster and offers up to six times faster graphics performance.New Mac mini with Apple M1 chip unveiled

If we turn the Mac mini over, we see a number of familiar connections. The new mini is equipped with an Ethernet port, two Thunderbolt USB 4 ports, an HDMI 2.0 connection, two USB A ports and a traditional headphone connection. That makes the Mac mini extremely versatile and widely applicable.

The new Mac mini can be expanded to 16GB of RAM and 2 terabytes of internal memory on the SSD. You can connect it to a 6K screen and it is equipped with Thunderbolt USB 4 ports.

Mac mini with M1 chip: the prices at a glance

The new Mac mini will cost 799 euros. You can choose from two models: a Mac mini with 256GB of internal memory and a Mac mini with 512GB of internal memory.

  • Mac mini M1 chip 256GB: 799 euros
  • Mac mini M1 chip 512GB: 1029 euros

Mac mini with M1 chip unveiledBoth minis can be further expanded with more RAM, storage capacity and pre-installed software. Of course, the price also increases if you expand the Mac further. The new Mac mini can be ordered from now on. The first copies will be delivered on November 17.

Apple announced this even more tonight

In addition to a Mac mini, Apple has also announced a new MacBook Air and new MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon. Just like the Mac mini, the two new MacBooks are improving by leaps and bounds, because Apple now has the reins to optimally match the processor to the software and the rest of the hardware.

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