This is the new first MacBook Air with Apple Silicon chip

Apple has officially unveiled the first MacBook Air with a Silicon chip. The new M1 chip ensures that it is much faster than its predecessor and you can also run iPhone apps on the laptop, for example. You should know this about the first MacBook Air with Apple Silicon chip.

First MacBook Air with Apple Silicon chip officially unveiled

Apple announced the new laptop at the November event. It is already the second MacBook Air that the company is releasing this year. The main difference is that the newly unveiled model is equipped with Apple Silicon. This chip marks the end of years of collaboration with chip manufacturer Intel.

The MacBook Air with Apple Silicon in a nutshell:

  • Runs on Apple’s own M1 chip
  • 13.3-inch Retina display
  • Most powerful MacBook Air yet …
  • … And that without a fan
  • Can run iPhone and iPad apps
  • Touch ID fingerprint scanner
  • The battery life of 18 hours
  • The list price of 1129 euros
  • Available from November 17th

macbook air with apple silicon

One chip: M1

The new MacBook Air is controlled by the brand new M1 chip. It is made on a 5-nanometer process and is, therefore, more powerful than its predecessor.

The M1 is a so-called System on a Chip (SoC), which contains several previously loose parts (such as the processor, neural engine and graphics card) on one chip. This makes the M1 not only much faster than previous chips, almost 3 times faster than most Windows laptops, according to Apple, but also more compact.

It is not surprising that a MacBook Air with Apple Silicon was arriving. Last summer, Apple announced that it would completely transfer its computers to Silicon within two years. This entails quite a few changes. With the new MacBook Air iPhone apps, for example, you can also simply run on your Mac, although this is initially only possible with your own Apple apps.macbook air with apple silicon official

Furthermore, macOS 11 Big Sur, the new operating system that will be released on November 12, has been made with the new M1 Silicon chip in mind. As a result, apps from Apple start up faster and also demanding processes are easier on the new Air because it can multitask better. In the future, third-party apps will also support the new software.

Also renewed: MacBook Pro and Mac mini

During the event, Apple also announced updates for the MacBook Pro and Mac mini. This laptop and desktop are also powered by Apple’s M1 chip. The company also announced that macOS 11 (Big Sur) can be downloaded from November 12. Read the articles about these new announcements below.

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