Apple warns: camera cover can destroy screen MacBook

Apple warns all its customers that camera covers can break a MacBook’s screen when you close the laptop. The manufacturer also advises against the popular privacy measure because of the limited effect of certain functions.

‘MacBook screen can break due to camera cover’

The problem was already known to many people and is now also confirmed by Apple. On a new Apple Support page, the manufacturer warns against using a camera cover on the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The screen may break if you close the laptop with a thick webcam cover in between, a problem that we have often encountered on forums.MacBook screen can break due to camera cover

Apple also says that several features may work limited when using such a cover, including automatic brightness and True Tone. This is because the light sensor is in the same place as the webcam, which also covers it. As a result, your MacBook can no longer measure light and therefore cannot automatically optimize the brightness or color tone of the screen.

Protect your MacBook and your privacy

Despite all the drawbacks, many users stick such a sliding cover on their webcam to prevent them from being viewed secretly. Apple says customers shouldn’t fear this, as the camera can only be active when the green indicator light is on. This means you can always see at a glance whether the webcam is on or not. Is the light turned off? Then you can always count on Apple that no one can see you.

Do you still want to use a webcam cover? Then take these three points into account:

  • Make sure the camera cover is no thicker than a sheet of paper (0.1 mm)
  • Remove the camera cover when closing the laptop if it is thicker than 0.1 mm
  • Do not use a camera cover that will leave adhesive residue on your MacBook

These are the terms Apple itself mentions on its support site, so you can assume your MacBook is safe if you stick to it.

Is it too late for you and your screen has already broken? This is not a problem if you use Apple’s insurance. AppleCare + covers the costs of damage to the screen due to the use of a camera cover. In the article below you can read more about AppleCare + for Mac devices.

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