New MacBook Pro gets front-filling screen with thin edges

Apple is working on a MacBook Pro with ultra-thin bezels. The company has now determined the design of the powerful laptop. It is not yet clear when the new MacBook Pro will be released.

‘Screen of MacBook Pro will fill the front’

This is evident from research by Patently Apple. This website tries to figure out which products Apple will release in the future by tracking down patents. This time, Apple has filed four designs with the Hong Kong Patent Office. You can see a selection of the design sketches below.Screen of MacBook Pro

The thin screen edges are particularly striking. Almost the entire display of the MacBook Pro from the pictures consists of actively used screen. Only slightly more bezels are visible at the bottom of the panel. In addition, it seems that the screen is a bit thinner than that of the current Pro.

It is almost certain that the design sketches show a MacBook Pro. In the designs, characteristic parts for this laptop are highlighted, such as the touch-sensitive Touch Bar. With such a nuance, Apple wants to extra protect certain unique parts of the design.

Release date

Normally patents show products that are not going to be released in the near future. For example, consider all designs submitted by Apple to secure the operation of the foldable iPhone.

That kite does not apply to the above design patents. These are mainly there to record the design of a new product. In other words, Apple may soon release the updated MacBook Pro with thin bezels.

Apple event forthcoming

Apple will soon announce the iPhone 12, which this year would consist of four models. The phones have been delayed by a few weeks, meaning that they will be in stores by mid-October at the earliest. Whether the devices will be ‘just’ presented in September is still the question.

According to rumors, the company is also simultaneously releasing the Apple Watch 6. In addition, stories are circulating that Apple will reveal glasses, the so-called Apple Glass, and a tracker to find lost items, or the airbag .

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