macOS Big Sur beta now available: Here’s how to install the update on your Mac

The macOS 11 Big Sur public beta is available for download now! This way, you can download the trial version on your Mac and get started with all the innovations.

Download macOS 11 Big Sur public beta

Do you want to be the first to get started with the control panel, fresh design and new apps from macOS (11) Big Sur? Which can! The beta for the general public is now available for download. Anyone can download this software, as long as your Mac can handle the update. It goes like this:

  1. Go to Apple‘s  beta website on your Mac;
  2. Press ‘Sign up’, log in with your Apple ID and choose ‘Sign in’;
  3. Select macOS if you don’t get there automatically;
  4. Make a backup if you have not already done so;
  5. Scroll down and press ‘Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility’ and install the program as usual;
  6. Go to ‘Software Update’ in System Preferences and follow the onscreen steps to download the beta.

macos-11-big-sur-beta-downloadPay attention. You are now installing a test version on your MacBook. That is nice on the one hand, because you can get started with all the innovations first, but on the other hand also risky. After all, there may be bugs, teething problems and other errors in the software: it is and will remain a test version.

Therefore, make a good backup of your Mac beforehand. That way, you won’t lose any personal files should the update not turn out properly. It is also wise not to install the update on a Mac that you use every day, for example for school or work. Instead, use a computer you don’t depend on.

iOS 14 beta 4 also available for download

Apple also released the fourth public beta of iOS 14, after the test version appeared to developers earlier this week. The update does not introduce major innovations, but it does include, for example, a handy Apple TV widget and a better search function. Knowing more? Check out our overview of improvements to iOS 14 beta 4.

This is new in macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is the biggest Mac update in years. Listing all innovations is impossible, but the most striking change is the design. Apple has given almost all its apps a fresh look and all app icons have also been redesigned. The Mac also has a control panel added. Watch the video below for all the changes.

Apple will release the final version of Big Sur later this year. This is (hopefully) free of problems and can be used by everyone, including the Mac (Book) you use for school or work.

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