macOS Big Sur installation bug renders older MacBooks unusable

Older MacBooks that support macOS Big Sur well on paper run into major problems. The number of complaints is starting to pile up.

macOS Big Sur has a black screen on older Macs

Internet forums, Reddit, and Apple’s own website are trickling in to people with old Macs experiencing Big Sur issues. It seems to mainly concern MacBook Pros from 2013 and 2014. Remarkably enough, these are also the oldest devices that are supported by Big Sur.

The problems are all similar: while updating the MacBook, the device hangs on a black screen during installation.Download macOS Big Sur

To make matters worse, restarting the Mac does not solve the problem. Safe mode is also inaccessible, which prevents you from accessing your files or activating the device in any other way. In practice, you can therefore no longer use the MacBook.

A clear solution is not yet in sight. On Reddit, someone says they contacted Apple Support, who suggested sending the device in for repair.

Advice: wait with installing

If you are bothered by the problem, it seems the best solution for the time being to also contact Apple Support. If you have a MacBook from 2013 or 2014, we recommend that you wait before installing Big Sur until there is more clarity about this problem. Apple has not yet responded. As soon as we know more about a possible solution, read it on Techlargest.

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