macOS Big Sur: do you opt for a clean or standard installation?

Adopt my current Mac settings or opt for a clean installation of or standard installation macOS Big Sur?

macOS Big Sur: Clean Install or Standard Install?

What is better? Start with a clean slate or rather keep your current settings? There is something to be said for both options.

When installing a major software update, such as the macOS Big Sur, you have the choice of keeping your current settings or starting with a clean slate. The latter option makes you feel like you just bought a new computer. Is such a fresh start recommended or is it better to keep your current settings and apps? It’s a personal decision. In this article, we list the pros and cons of both options for you.

Why you want to start with a clean install of macOS Big Sur

A clean installation is like a new house. Everything is fresh and empty and you can build from scratch. This way you can opt for a new and more efficient design.

It gives you the option to rid your Mac of all unnecessary digital ‘trash’. All once-used apps disappear and unnecessary downloads are deleted. Everything is clean and ready for a new beginning. And you know what they say: a tidy computer means a tidy mind. macOS Big Sur Clean Install Standard Install

Services such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive ensure that you can easily store all your files, documents and photos. That way you can still keep the contents of your Mac safe. Apps are also easy to find and redownload via the Mac App Store. This way you can get all your favourite apps back without any hassle.

The disadvantage is that you need some extra time and patience to set up your entire Mac again. The first obstacle may be reentering all your passwords. In addition, you have to put certain documents and images back on your computer. That goes quite quickly when you have stored it in the iCloud, but selecting it can be time-consuming.

Why a standard installation of macOS Big Sur is the best option

If you are very attached to your self-applied structure, the standard installation is more suitable. With a clean installation, you will lose everything, including your favourite apps, sound notifications, display options and keyboard settings. Everything will be reset to factory settings.

When you download and install macOS Big Sur with the standard installation, all your apps, settings, and files will be in the exact same place they were before the update. You also stay logged in everywhere and you do not have to move documents from the iCloud back to your computer.

Which installation do you prefer?

It can be a pleasant experience to start with a clean slate. However, a clean installation is not recommended if you are attached to your own structure and want to get back to work as soon as possible. macOS Big Sur Clean Install Standard Install

The most important innovations in macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is a major update and especially the design has been overhauled. There are also many substantive changes, such as the arrival of the control panel. In the overview with the most important innovations in macOS Big Sur, you can read everything you can expect from the software update.

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