Five new macOS Big Sur features inherited from iOS

With the new macOS Big Sur, all kinds of functions are coming from iOS to your Mac or MacBook. Read here which known novelties these are.

Thanks to macOS Big Sur, these new features are also coming to your Mac

In addition to a new design, macOS Big Sur also introduces a number of old acquaintances. Functions that have existed in iOS for some time are now also coming to your Mac or MacBook. This is where they come in handy, as some features have left us wondering where they go on the Mac. The iOS functions that we now also find on the Mac thanks to Big Sur are listed here for you.

Renewed app icons provide more unity

macOS Big Sur app icons are now very similar to iOS. This creates more unity between both systems and comes in handy when you use both systems side by side.macos big sur features

There is more consistency because the colors of the app icons are now the same in macOS and iOS. For example, the Messages app in macOS has finally, after thirteen years, been given a green color. The only difference is that the macOS icons have a bit more depth than those on iOS. However, this is not surprising when you compare the different screen sizes of Macs and MacBooks with those of the iPhones.

More insight into battery consumption

Thanks to the macOS Big Sur update, it is now possible to gain more insight into battery consumption. This way you can now see what the current maximum capacity of the battery is. It is also possible to view the recent charging history of your device. This is useful because it allows you to monitor your own usage and battery life.

You can view the information on the basis of a graph. Here the charging activity is combined with the time that the Mac is on. You can consult this same graph in iOS for some time.macos big sur features by ios

You can now also see the maximum capacity as a percentage. This percentage is related to the battery health feature of macOS Catalina 10.15.5, which helps the MacBook battery lasts as long as possible.

Manage system functions more easily with Control Panel

Since iOS 7, we can already consult the control panel on the iPhone or iPad, and from Big Sur, this panel can finally also be found on the Mac. From the control panel, you can easily manage various system functions, including WiFi, Bluetooth, screen brightness and AirPlay.

It is also possible to arrange the content of the control panel according to your own taste. You determine which buttons are displayed via System Preferences. Just like on iOS, some buttons are stuck, but there is still enough freedom to set up a personal panel. This creates a clear overview of various system functions. This also allows you to refresh your menu bar with fewer worries and remove some icon from it.

iMessage comes with extra confetti

Sending and receiving iMessages is a lot more fun from macOS Big Sur. With the Big Sur, it is possible, among other things, to send or receive full-screen effects. So you can add some extra confetti to the next congratulations you send via iMessage. Very cosy.Intel vs Apple M1 Mac chip

Another iMessage feature that is finally coming to macOS too is the Memoji sticker. You can now also send them from your Mac. This may not be an unwise improvement for the efficient homeworkers among us, but it does brighten up your day a bit.

Nice extra: iPhone and iPad apps on your Mac

This function is only relevant for users of the new Apple Silicon. M1-chip devices such as the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini can now also use iPhone and iPad apps. Almost all apps are suitable and available on the Mac. Only a few companies have blocked their app for this.

More comprehensive Apple Maps app

In macOS Big Sur, the Maps app has been taken to the next level. Apple Maps was already fine, but with the arrival of a number of new functions, the app is even better to use. The novelties stem from iOS 14. You can now also consult the new Guides in Apple Maps on your Mac. You can also use 3D maps in the Maps app. It allows you to scroll the streets of several major cities.

Download the 2020 big Mac update

macOS Big Sur will be available on November 12, 2020. You can now download the update and try it out for yourself. Do you want to be sure whether your Mac or Macbook is suitable for this update? Check out our article with a handy overview of Macs that support macOS Big Sur.

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