macOS Big Sur: This is how you view privacy reports of websites in Safari

Web browser Safari has added a useful feature with the macOS Big Sur update: privacy reports. In this tip, you can read what these are, what they can do for you and how to request them.

macOS Big Sur: Privacy Reports in Safari

The macOS Big Sur update makes Safari faster and more efficient and you can personalize the browser more, but privacy also improves. For that, Apple introduces a handy new feature: privacy reports. Such a report keeps track of which trackers Safari has blocked on the websites you visit.privacy reports of websites

With trackers, websites and advertisers can follow your digital footsteps and in this way, a profile of you is built up. Safari blocks this by default to prevent your internet behaviour from being monitored by trackers. With the new privacy report function in the browser, you can see a per website which trackers are blocked. It goes like this:

  1. Open a website on Safari and click – to the left of the address bar – on the new privacy button; 
  2. Then you will see in a small window how many trackers Safari has blocked; 
  3. Click on the i-icon to see how many trackers have been blocked in the past 30 days, which trackers these are exactly and on which websites.

The privacy report can also be found on your homepage in Safari. There you can request the same overview and view all specific information. The handy thing is that Safari automatically blocks trackers, so you don’t have to do anything yourself. However, as we described in the steps above, you can request a privacy report at any time by simply clicking the corresponding button.

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