‘Future Macs can also perform all kinds of tasks in sleep mode’

Apple is working on a new way to keep devices that are in sleep mode productive. This saves you battery life, but specific tasks are still performed.

macOS Sleep Mode patent discovered

This was discovered by AppleInsider, which was presented with a patent in which Apple discloses this new technology. The title immediately shows what the goal is: ‘control of a computer system in a power-down state’.

The feature is primarily intended to allow you to use Macs remotely, even if you have put them to sleep. The patent also gives a number of examples of tasks that can be performed in this way: uploading files to another computer or cloud service, downloading files, accessing connected devices, and performing a memory check.macos sleep mode

This is useful, for example, for people who use a Mac mini at home as a server, which now has to be woken up every time before it can be used. If this patent is eventually further developed, this will no longer be necessary.

Also useful for average users

But even if you only use your MacBook for work or study, the function can help. macOS consciously chooses times when you do not or hardly use the device to check all your files. This allows your Mac to detect potential threats or detect other problems.

However, many people turn off their Macs when they finish work or study when macOS is doing these kinds of activities. With this function, it doesn’t matter if your MacBook Pro is closed and sleeping: macOS can still perform this check-in in that case.

As always with patents, it remains to be seen whether and when we see the function appear in a macOS update. However, it sounds like a logical next step for functions like iCloud sync and Time Machine backups, two functions that your Mac can perform even when you’re not actively using it.

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