Netflix not working? 5 ways to fix it

If Netflix does not work, it is of course very annoying. But don’t panic: there is a good chance that you can easily solve it yourself. These are five solutions.

Netflix does not work: 5 tips

Ready to binge-watch, or are you in the middle of your favorite series when Netflix quits? No worries: if Netflix does not work, there is a good chance that you can solve it yourself, or at least find out what the problem is. Try the solutions below to look further.

1. Check if you are connected to the internet

Of course, it is obvious, but first, check whether you have a good internet connection. If the internet does not work, Netflix will not function. Go to your device settings and see if the WiFi connection or mobile data is turned on. If the WiFi connection works, you will see several dashes above each other. When you use data, it usually says 4G or 3G at the top right of your iPhone screen.Netflix not working

Sometimes it seems like you are connected, but something is still wrong. Therefore, always check whether you can go to a website via your browser, such as tech largest. If that works without any problems, your internet connection is not the problem.

2. Check if Netflix has an outage

Do you have internet, but Netflix still doesn’t work? Then it could be that the streaming service has a malfunction. You can check this very easily on the Netflix error page.Check if Netflix has an outage

Usually, it says ‘Netflix is ​​online’, but if there is a malfunction with the streaming service, it will be indicated here. If there is a malfunction, there is often no other option than to be patient.

3. Enter the error code

Do you see an error code on the screen? Then that is actually good news. You can find an extensive manual on the Netflix website to solve this error code.Enter the error code

You can look up the code on the Netflix help page. For example, if you see UI-104 on your screen, type it in the search bar. Then it will be explained where the problem is and how to solve it.

4. Reinstall or restart the app

Are you watching Netflix via the Netflix app, for example on your iPhone or iPad? First, close the app and restart it. If the streaming service is not yet working, reinstalling the app can help. Long press the app and press the ‘Delete app’.

Search for the app in the App Store, or click the link below to reinstall the app. You have to log in again, but such a hard reset can work wonders if Netflix does not work.

5. Contact customer service

Have you tried all of the above solutions but Netflix still doesn’t work? Then there is probably a more profound problem that you cannot solve yourself. In that case, please contact Netflix customer service. If there is a deeper technical problem, they can help you.

Netflix customer service is available seven days a week, between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM on 0800-0225173. Customer service is available even outside these times, but you will be helped in English. Would you rather chat than call? This is also possible via the Netflix help page. Then click on ‘Start live chat’ at the bottom right and describe your problem.

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