‘New OnePlus midrange phone already on the way, we know this’

OnePlus is working on a new cheap OnePlus phone that comes with the Snapdragon 690 and comes with 5G support. The phone is code-named “Billie.”

Inexpensive OnePlus phone

According to the review of my colleague Claudia, the Nord is almost everything you expect from a cheaper OnePlus phone. Still, that does not stop OnePlus from releasing more cheaper devices, and the brand may also launch them under the Nord flag.

In the code of OxygenOS 10.5, XDA Developers has now discovered a new model called ‘SM6350’ and OnePlus also refers to the device codenamed ‘Billie’. That could be a reference to the singer Billie Eilish, on the other hand, the OnePlus Nord was also named after the Swedish DJ Avicii.

There are also references to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690. That is a new chipset from Qualcomm that makes 5G possible for affordable phones. It is not just about the faster mmWave 5G connections, but they are only available in a few countries.OnePlus midrange phone

On the other hand, in terms of performance, this chipset also puts the Qualcomms, 700 series processors, to the test, as the processor increased speed by 60 percent over the Snapdragon 675.


Furthermore, little is known about the features of this upcoming OnePlus device, the price or availability. If the choice for the Snapdragon 690 chipset can be a guideline, then the phone would be cheaper than the Nord that is for sale from 399 euros. Are you looking for a device that is priced just below the Nord? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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