NL Alert Android setup: this is how you do it on your phone

When something serious is going on, the government sends an NL-Alert to mobile phones. Is your telephone set up correctly for NL-Alert?

Life threatening situation

The government sends an NL-Alert if there is a life-threatening situation, such as a major fire, explosion hazard or severe weather. In principle, every mobile phone should receive the emergency alerts, regardless of which provider someone has. Sometimes this goes wrong and people do not receive NL-Alert, for example with older devices.

NL Alert Android setup

Most new telephones are set up in such a way that they automatically receive an NL-Alert. Signing up for NL-Alert is therefore usually not necessary. Every six months, the government sends a control message to test whether the telephone is set up correctly. In between this can be seen via the settings on the phone.

By the way, your name and telephone number are not needed to send the message, so it remains anonymous and it is free.

Set NL-Alert (Samsung phone)

NL-Alert is automatically set correctly for a Samsung device from after 2012. Check it like this:

  1. Go to Settings.Settings
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap Messages.
  4. Tap Message Settings.Settings
  5. Tap Emergency Alert Settings.Settings
  6. Tap Emergency Alerts to see which alerts you receive.

People with an old mobile phone (from before 2012) have to set up NL-Alert themselves. The manual for this can be found on the Samsung website.

NL-Alerts read back (Samsung phone)

Notifications from NL-Alert arrive in the phone’s messaging app. So you can always read them there.

Set NL-Alert (Huawei phone)

Huawei phones are automatically set up correctly. Check the setting like this:

  1. Tap Settings.Settings
  2. Tap Sound(s).
  3. Tap More sound settings.Settings
  4. Tap Broadcast Phone Messages.
  5. Check for check marks on options such as Extreme Alerts.

Set NL-Alert (iPhone)

  1. Apple supports NL-Alert on the iPhone 4S and newer models.
  2. Tap the Settings Settings app.
  3. Tap Notifications.
  4. At the bottom is the option ‘Emergency notifications’. If the slider behind it is green, you will receive government notifications. If not, tap the slider to enable the notifications.

Read NL-Alerts back (iPhone)

  1. On the Home screen, swipe from top to bottom to open Notification Center.
  2. NL-Alert’s notifications are listed in the Message Center with the heading ‘Emergency notifications’. If there are several emergency messages, they are, as it were, on top of each other. Tap the top notification to read all messages. Pay attention! Don’t tap the cross to the right of “Emergency Alerts.” Then the messages disappear and you can no longer read them.
  3. Press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom edge of the iPhone X to go to the Home screen.


You don’t have to do anything with Sony devices; NL Alert is usually set correctly there. The same applies to LG and HTC devices that were released later than 2012.


If in doubt, go to ‘Main menu > Settings Settings> Calling’ on your HTC device, check ‘Cell Broadcast’ and choose ‘Cell Broadcast settings’. Then add a channel and enter ‘NL-Alert’ at Channel name. At Channel number, enter ‘919’, after which you check Enable channel and tap ‘OK’.


On your LG device, go to ‘Applications > Cell Broadcast > Settings Settings> Cell Broadcasting‘, after which you choose ‘Channels > Add channel’. Enter ‘919’ at Channel number and ‘NL-Alert’ at Comment. Confirm the setting by tapping ‘Save’.


With Motorola smartphones, you have to dive into the settings to check whether NL Alert is enabled. Go to SettingsSettings > More > Emergency Alerts (or Emergency Broadcasts) and make sure the ‘Show extreme threats’ option is turned on.


If you have a Pixel or Android One device, or another device with a raw version of Android, go to ‘Settings Settings> Apps & notifications > Advanced > Emergency alerts‘ and check ‘Show extreme threats’.

Also, make sure Required Monthly Test is turned on. The smartphone is then correctly set up for NL Alert. Also, OnePlus – and Nokia devices are so correct for standard EN Alert.


If you own an Archos smartphone, you can set the NL Alert notification by going to ‘Settings Settings> General > Cell Broadcast settings Settings> Mobile broadcast settings for SIM card > Language and channel settings for cell broadcast’ and add the correct channel. First check in the channel list whether channel 919 is already listed here, otherwise, you can add it. If you find that more convenient, you can change the channel name to NL Alert Android setup.


Older Wolfgang devices, which were sold at supermarket chain Aldi for some time, are also automatically set up for NL Alerts. So you don’t have to do anything.

EN Set alert on other smartphones

If it doesn’t work or if you have a different type of smartphone, consult the NL Alert setup help . The next NL Alert will be broadcasted on Monday 7 June 2021  at 12:00 noon .

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