How To Delete Apple Watch notifications on your Apple Watch

You can delete notifications on the Apple Watch in several ways. In this tip, we explain all the ways for you.

Many people use the Apple Watch to receive notifications from all kinds of apps on their wrist, so you don’t have to keep checking your iPhone. Notifications that you do not read immediately are kept in a separate place. Over the course of the day, this can add up to quite a few unread notifications. In this tip, we explain the four ways you can delete Apple Watch notifications.

  • Close notifications
  • Close button
  • Scroll or delete all

Delete notifications on Apple Watch from your Notification Center

To see an overview of your notifications, swipe from top to bottom on the watch face of your Apple Watch. There are then four different ways to delete these notifications, without having to open the corresponding app. This is a brief overview of the ways we explain next:

  1. At the bottom of a notification, tap Close.
  2. Swipe down an open notification.
  3. Swipe left on a notification in the overview and tap the cross.
  4. Firmly press the screen in your Notification Center and tap Erase all.

Delete notifications with the Close button

First of all, you will find a Close button under each notification. To make it visible, simply tap one of the notifications in the list. The second way is to swipe down on the notification to close it.How to clear all notifications on your Apple Watch

Scroll or delete all

There are two other options. To close a single notification, it is not necessarily necessary to open it first. In the overview of missed notifications, it is sufficient to slide over the notification to the left and tap the cross. If you really want to tackle it rigorously, it is also possible to delete all Apple Watch notifications at once. To do this, press hard on the screen of the Apple Watch and then on Erase everything.Notifications close Apple Watch

Would you like to know more about switching notifications on and off on the Apple Watch? Then view our separate tip.

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