Offer: buy the Lenovo Smart Clock for less than 40 euros

Lenovo’s Smart Clock, actually a smaller variant of the Google Nest Hub, is currently on sale at iBood. Normally, the suggested retail price for the speaker is 99 euros, this time you only pay 39.95 euros for the smart speaker. Read about the functions of the Smart Clock here.

Lenovo Smart Clock – what can you do with it?

You may think: nice such an offer, but what should I do with it? Good for you to ask. The short answer is very much, but of course, that is of no use to you. That is why we go through all the functions of the smart speaker with you. The most important part of the speaker is the smart functions via the Google Assistant. You can ask questions throughout the day, such as the well-known questions about the weather and nearby supermarkets that are (still) open.Lenovo Smart Clock

An advantage over the Google Nest Mini, a smart speaker without a screen, is that you can also use the Smart Clock from Lenovo if your voice stops working; there is a screen on the front. The screen has a 4-inch diagonal and allows you to operate the smart equipment in your house, among other things. In addition, the screen can display useful information such as the weather forecast, the news, your upcoming appointments and traffic information for your trip to work.

For your bedside table

Lenovo suggests with the name ‘Smart Clock’ that the speaker is suitable for placing on your bedside table. It works easily as a speaker and lets you stop an alarm by tapping on the top of the Smart Clock. Oh, and it’s very useful if you can’t stand a cable mess: it has a USB port on the back to charge your phone. It may not be fast, but that is fine for the night hours.

Lenovo Smart Clock offer

iBood suggests that the Lenovo Smart Clock normally costs 99 euros: however, that is the suggested retail price. At most stores, the smart speaker costs about 80 euros. In the offer at iBood you can buy the speaker for less than 40 euros, 39.95 euros to be precise. Please note, on top of that you pay 5.95 euros in shipping costs. Nevertheless, the speaker remains a lot cheaper than screens such as the Nest Hub, which is sold for 89 euros.Lenovo Smart Clock offer

The offer is only valid on September 12, 2020, or until stock is sold out. So if you want to purchase the speaker, it is advisable to be there quickly. Are you going to buy the Smart Clock from Lenovo? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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