Offer: OnePlus 8 now comes with free Bullet Wireless Z earphones

The OnePlus 8 now comes temporarily with the wireless Bullets Wireless Z earphones. In addition, OnePlus has released a new Mint color of its ears.

OnePlus 8 with earphones

The OnePlus 8, together with the Pro version, is one of the new top devices from OnePlus. it comes with an improved camera, a 90 Hz display, and the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. You can read our findings on the phone in our recent review. OnePlus has now announced that it will temporarily supply its OnePlus 8 with a few Bullets Wireless Z earphones.

The wireless earphones from OnePlus are a cheaper version of the Bullets Wireless 2 and the Chinese brand has launched them together with the OnePlus 8 series. The Bullet Wireless Z are magnetic and they have a battery life of 13 hours. charging is also fast because in 10 minutes you can listen to 10 hours of music. The Bullets Wireless Z also lets you quickly connect by means of notification and you can then also switch between all devices that are paired.

The Bullets Wireless Z are available with us in the colors black and blue, but a new Mint color has recently become available in India, a reader reports to our editorial in a tip. That color – which you see at the top of this article – matches the Glacial Green variant of the OnePlus 8, but it is not yet known whether that color also comes to the Netherlands. The Bullets Wireless Z that comes with the OnePlus 8 is at least a black copy and earphones normally cost 49.95 euros if you purchase them separately.

Buy OnePlus 8

You will temporarily get the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z free with the OnePlus 8 if you buy it here via the OnePlus website. Do you already have the OnePlus 8 or the Bullets Wireless Z? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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