Listen to offline music on your iPhone: this is how you do it

Whether you have run out of your internet bundle, are on a plane or want to save battery: it is a godsend that you can also listen to music offline on your iPhone. In this tip we explain how.

This way you listen to offline music on your iPhone

Sometimes you want to listen to music, but you are not connected to your (mobile) internet connection. To solve that, you can store music offline so that you can access your favorite songs anytime, anywhere.

It is important to know that this requires some preparation. To listen to music offline, you need to download your songs first. For this, it is wise that you are connected to a WiFi network because downloading can cost quite a bit of data.

Listen to Spotify offline

On Spotify, there are several ways you can listen to songs offline. First of all, you can save individual songs that you like. These are automatically collected in the ‘Songs you like’ playlist located at the top of your Library in the app.

You can save a song by tapping the three dots behind it and then pressing ‘Like’. Do you want to save a song that you are playing? In the player, you will also find a heart icon that you only have to tap. Please note that you need a premium account to download songs.

It is even easier to save an entire playlist. Especially when you have a long flight or car journey ahead, for example, you have collected enough music quickly. You do this as follows.

  1. Open Spotify;
  2. Tap the playlist you want to listen to offline;
  3. Tap the Download icon (circle with a down arrow);
  4. Wait until the circle turns green and there is a green icon next to each song, then your download is complete.

You can recognize a playlist that you can also listen to offline in Spotify by the download icon below the title of the playlist. These songs are stored in Spotify, which uses the storage of your iPhone. So always make sure you have enough space on your iPhone.

Listen Apple Music offline

Apple Music also offers the solution of offline songs that you turn on at any time. Just like with Spotify, it is possible to retrieve a single song as well as a complete playlist. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Music app;
  2. Search for the song or album you want to download;
  3. Add the number to your library if you haven’t already done so by tapping the plus sign;
  4. Tap the download button (cloud with down arrow)
  5. By syncing your library you can listen to your downloaded songs on all your Apple devices.

Listen music on your iPhone offline

In the Music app of your iPhone you will not only find the music from Apple Music, but you can also listen to your own music files. The advantage is that you do not need a subscription to a streaming service for this. However, you have to transfer this music via a MacBook. You do this as follows.offline-music-listening-iphone

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open the Music app;
  2. Go to ‘Library’ and then choose ‘Music’;
  3. Open the folder with music you want to transfer and drag it to the app;
  4. Finally, sync your music with your iPhone. You can choose to sync the entire library or just the songs you just added.

If you now open the Music app, you will find this music online and offline under the ‘Library’ tab. Do you have an Android smartphone and do you want to transfer music from it to your iPhone? You can also easily transfer this music .

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